Pick up stitches along a cast on edge?

I have started Jennifer Miller’s shawl collar vest. After making a 10" piece in a wide rib - the instructions say to - “cast on 2sts using the backward loop method” - OK that I can do.

But then “turn piece clockwise so right side is still facing and cast on edge is on top. Pick up 62 sts along cast on edge”.
THIS is where I am puzzled. WHAT cast on edge? The original one or the new one of 2 sts?
Do I try to pick up 62 sts on the 2 just created?
That is weird. Or do I pick up on the first cast on edge ( which was 62) but that wouldn’t give me the desired 128 sts to continue.

Please, can someone help me? Has someone else figured it out.

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
The sts are picked up along the original cast on edge, one stitch picked up for each cast on stitch. With the 62 live sts that are on the needle plus the cast on of 2sts twice, you’ll have 128sts total and begin knitting in the round.
When you cast on 2sts and begin picking up the 62sts, the 10 inches of knit fabric that you’ve already made will fold over and the opening at the fold will be the armholes.

Nice looking vest!

This vest/shrug is similar in design and has a diagram that might help:

Thank you, I just spent a day going crazy trying to figure this out. I figured there would be a fold over but couldn’t see where or how.

Back to the needles for me :)))