Pick up and purl / Pick up and knit

Instructions: Purl 20, pick up and purl next st from cast-on edge, turn.

I understand how to pick up the stitch from the purl side /or knit side. Here’s what I don’t understand: Do I just pick up or do I pick up and purl/knit?

Just pick up purlwise. In older (very old) knitting instructions there was 2 separate actions involved. First you picked up sts on your left needle from left to right, then you knit/purl across them. Now we just pick up the sts on the right needle from right to left and don’t work an actual row until the one after picking up.

Thank you for your response. As you suggested, I am treating it as pick up sts and the bear’s bottom is beginning to take shape.

Could you clarify one more thing, please.

The side where I picked up sts from the knit (RS) looks very nice; but on the purl side (WS) the picked up sts look a bit rough.

Could you describe the process of picking up sts purlwise so I can ensure I am doing it right?

It’s going to leave a ridge, if that’s what you mean, but that probably won’t be seen. With the WS facing insert the right needle from back to front, wrap the yarn as if you were purling, then pull the loop to the back. Repeat.