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I’m not sure I understand the directions on this inc row. The instructions before it says to cut the yarn then slip 24 sts. First, what does it mean to pick up and knit? And what do I knit with if I have to cut the yarn? Also, what does it mean to work into the garter ridge 2 rows below?

What is the name of your pattern?
Pick up and knit means to use a new end of yarn to create sts from the knit fabric. In this case, count down 2 rows (one garter ridge) and pick up the sts from the next garter ridge.
This video shows picking up sts on the edge of garter stitch. You won’t be picking up there but along one of the ridges, similar to picking up at the end of the video, at 14:00min.

Count down one ridge from where the last 4 slipped sts are and insert the dpn into the row to pick up a loop of the new yarn. Leave about a 6" tail to weave in later.

The name of the pattern is “delight pullover”. I understand now what pick up and knit is but still confused on the directions. This whole sentence is confusing “pick up and knit 4 sts from behind the last 4 slipped sts, working into the garter ridge 2 rows below, keep the slipped sts on dpn (these sts Will be worked at the beg of RS rows and the end of WS rows; keep working sts on dpns until they can comfortably fit into cir needle). Can anyone explain step by step? And in the attached photo, is that where I pick up and knit?

These instructions create the overlap at the front of the pullover. You need 4 new sts picked up from in back of the 4 slipped sts to make the overlap.

Your photo looks like it’s the front of the sweater. Pick up the sts from a garter ridge just the other side, the back of the sts you’re indicating. The 4 sts above on the right needle would be the slipped sts. The 4 new sts and the 4 slipped sts will form the beginning of the neckband and will be worked in garter while the top of the sweater continues in stockinette.

Alternatively, this could be done by casting on 4 sts at the beginning of a RS row. The 4sts would be worked at the beginning of a RS row and the end of a WS row. When the sweater is finished you would have to seam the 4 sts behind the 4 border sts on the other side (the slipped sts) to make an overlap. Picking up and knitting is saving you from making that seam and is a bit neater.

I’m still at a loss. Let me go back a step and try this one step at a time. I’m still kind of new at this. First time knitting a sweater. In here:

when I slip the 24 sts, do I slip using an empty dpn?

You’ve been knitting this sweater on a circular needle in the round so far. You can just slip the 24 or 30 sts depending on the size, to the right hand needle. Place the new beginning of round marker after the slip sts and continue with the directions. The slip sts are still on the working needles.
Here’s a video for slipping sts purlwise (see about 30seconds) in case you need it.

I couldn’t draw a decent diagram so I took some photos.
Here I’ve slipped some sts to the right hand needle. The marker is the front of the piece.
Now I’ve flipped to the back of the piece with the needle on the right pointing to the first stitch from which a new stitch will be picked up.
I’ve placed the right needle into the stitch before picking up the new loop of yarn.
I’ve picked up 4 new sts with white yarn.
Here I’ve knit back across the 4 sts and then knit into the sts that were on the left hand needle. This view is now from the front. The 4 picked up sts are in garter and the adjoining sts in stockinette.

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This is so awesome! Thank you so much. It’s starting to make sense. I really appreciate it!

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