Pick up and knit stitches

Please help if anyone can???

I am attempting to pick up and knit stitches on a sweater I am working on…the sweater has been knitted in moss (seed) stitch. I am at the bitter end…of course…and I have tried the pick up stitches and knit 3 or 4 times now…loose…tight…a little loose etc. Well when I finish with the pick up I have a crease…not just a seem…but a crease where the piece is actually almost folded. Any ideas…is it the seed stitch I am do the pick up from the video and I seem to be doing that ok…but I don’t understand the crease or fold there?

Any help is most appreciated.

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There will be a definite line where you pick up the stitches. Have you tried knitting the picked up stitches yet? You may find that that improves the situation.

Thanks Ingrid…I did go ahead and knit four rows in k 1, p1, for rib and it is a bit better but there is a noticable crease there. It is more than a line I think? It isn’t folded over or anything but you can see that it is definately a crease. Is there a pic anywhere that shows what the line? would look like? Maybe I am ok and don’t know it. haha right lol The only problem is that I realized that I wanted to rib on the end before I finished the other end so of course that one I did before I bound off. Again, this is the cast on edge I am working on and am thinking that maybe it would be better to go ahead and just knit the trim and use a mattress seem or something of that nature to attach. What do you think, will that be better maybe? And to be clear, on my end, I am supposed to pick up one stitch for each stitch cast on for the cast on edge right? I watched the video (they have saved my life more than once!) and I think that is what she said.

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Can any body tell me how you pick up and knit stitches in the middle of a piece of work. All the information I can find only relates to picking up and knitting on edges and I am stuck.

Thanks for any help you can give.

When you add ribbing to the edge, you do pick up one stitch per stitch, but if you want the ribbing to pull in the way ribbing is meant to, then you should use a needle a size or two smaller, or decrease your stitches by about 10%. The edge where you pick up will look like there’s a seam there, since you’re changing stitch patterns.

What is it you’re trying to do?

What I’m knitting at the moment is a pair of booties, http://www.shepherdyarns.biz/Media/free_patterns/lace_up_bootees.pdf

I figure that the instep bit, where it says knit up means to pick up and knit. But part of the 42 sts that I pick up and knit are in the centre of a piece rather than on an edge. I dont where to start with this!!!

In the 22nd row of the directions for the sole, it says to tie bits of yarn in certain stitches so you know where to pick up. Is that where you’re trying? :thinking:

Yes Ingrid, thats where I’m stuck. I have no clue on how to do this.

Looking at the pictures, it looks like you pick up all around the sides and back? I’m thinking that you’re adding the purple part of the one pair. Using this one as an example, if there is already the green knitting done, you can pick up along the edge of the sole and have two layers, the green that’s knit and the purple that goes over it.

So you mean I should be picking up stitches along the cast off edges and not across the middle.

This is the first time I have knit booties, so the piece I have knitted, I really dont know what part of the shoe it is nor which way it goes!!! :thinking:

This is what I have so far,

That helps a lot. I think.

:thinking: The right side of your piece, I believe, is the sole with the curved ends being the heel. The top and bottom of it, as it’s laying there, will be sewn together at the back of the foot.

Fold it so that the straight edge matches and see what it looks like. I think you might pick up the stitches that are on the left of your picture–the center section.

I still dont get it…I need serious help. I tried folding the piece in half. I dont think the curved bits are the heel. I dont know if you can see the two shoe lace holes on each side of the curved bits, if the curved bits are the heel, then the holes will end up on the back of the foot.


This is soooo frustrating

Have you tried to bring those two holes together as if they were tied and see what you get?

I even cut a piece out of paper to see if I could figure it out. I’m going to print out the pattern and study it some more. I’m intrigued at this point.

Maybe if you create a new post with a plea for help that includes the picture and the pattern, someone else will take a look and can give it a new look.

Hello Ingrid,

I think maybe I have put the eyelet holes in the worng place.
I thnk they should be on the other side (the straight bits).

Trying this seems to make sense, although I did follow the pattern !?!
What do you think ?

That actually makes more sense.

Did you mark the places that the pattern told you to?

OK, I took a closer look at the pattern, and what they want you to do is to pick up the stitches between those spots. Now I see your confusion because it wasn’t on an edge. Just put your needle under purl loop and pull the yarn through. A crochet hook should work for this. Another way is to put a spare needle in the loops, without any yarn, and then knit from there.


I figured out what I had done wrong.

The bit on the pattern that says continue on the last xx stitches for one side threw me off so my shoe lace parts were on the wrong side of the piece.

So the curved bits which you siasd were the heel were correct.
I have re-knitted it and it now looks lovely.

heres a piccie for you.

:cheering: :cheering: That is adorable!!!