Pick up and knit questions

Hello, I’m not new to knitting, but I’m new to picking up stitches and pattern gauges. I’ll apologize for not knowing the exact gauge, the pattern I’m using only gave me how many stitches per inch, not rows :persevere: For rows, all it said was knit pattern until piece measures 58"

I need to pick up and knit on the side edge of a rectangular piece. When I did my guage on the yarn I’m using, pattern said to cast on at the beginning 33 stitches, I had to use 78 to get the right width. Now I have to pick up on the middle of the side (for a hood) over a 20 inch section and it says make 38 stitches. Problem: there’s only 32 rows in that section.

Now, my guage says I need about 86 stitches. Should I just pick up the 32 stitches and then make one on each stitch by knitting front and back on the second row, and then for the third row “make one” in the middle 22 stitches? Would that put too much stress on the cast on stitches?

The pattern called for super chunky wool, but I’m using bernat velvet yarn.

Another question I’ve been searching for and can’t find: what in the word do I do with the pick-up tail? The yarn is slick, I have to knot it somewhere or it’ll unravel before it’s even been worn, I just can’t figure out the best method.

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You could pick up in every stitch and perhaps increase over the next 2 rows. You might check that you really need 86sts for the hood. If there’s a schematic that shows the hood you could match your stitch gauge to the dimensions given. It may take a bit of trial and error because you’re essentially re-writing the pattern.
What pattern are you following?
Make sure you have at least a 6-8" tail to weave in. You can use sewing thread to tack down the ends when the yarn is really slippery.

Thank you! I hadn’t thought of using thread, but that makes sense since it’s basically what holds the fuzzies in the yarn itself. I don’t know if i can link to external sites here, so the name of the pattern is hooded knit adak wrap.

The hood measurements say 20 inches wide and 9.5 inches long, then cast off fold in half and seam. I’d have to count again, but I think the yarn worked up to be about 7 stitches for 4 inches wide. That would be a much more reasonable 35 stitches.

Wonderful! You’ve got my thinking straightened out, thank you so much!

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