Pick up and knit neckband

Hi, hope someone is able to help, very new to knitting and have got to the point where I am ready to knit neckband for jumper. I have joined all raglan sleeves leaving left back raglan open. The pattern then says “pick up and knit across 14 sts left on stitch holder for left sleeve, 10 sts evenly down left side of front neck, knit across 14 sts left on stitch holder at front neck, 10 sts evenly up right side of front neck, 14 sts left on stitch holder for right sleeve, knit across 24 sts left on stitch holder at back of neck. Next row: knit”.
I have searched on line to see how I pick up and knit stitches that start on a stitch holder - but all the videos seem to show how to do this where stitches are not already on a stitch holder. Or they show picking up and knitting stitches that are not on a holder and then carrying on with stitches on a holder. But not starting with stitches on a holder. So I am really nervous about starting this. I also think I may have put my stitches the wrong way on the holder.
Also do you think I can do this on a straight needle or for neck band should I use a circular needle?
If anyone can advise or provide any links to instruction videos for this sort of scenario - I’d be really really grateful. I’m so close to finishing the jumper but now am stuck and can’t complete it. Have started another one in the meantime!! Many thanks to anyone who can help, Jane.

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The directions are a little misleading. You only need to knit the sts off the holder. Pick up sts in the areas on the left and right front neck.

If you can’t knit directly off the holder, transfer the sts to a double pointed needle or some other needle and knit them.

Hi, thank you so much Salmonmac for responding so quickly. Sorry, I can’t picture how this works and probably just need to give it a go, but can I ask, if I don’t knit the stitches on left and right front neck and only pick up, what happens to my working wool from the ball - will it be in the wrong place as I go back to knitting from the holder on front neck?

Many thanks for your time in helping me,


Directions to pick up and knit or to pick up sts mean the same thing. Pick up the sts down the left front (left front as you would wear the sweater) using your working yarn for the new “picked up” loop. The working yarn will then be at the lower end of the left neck ready to knit across the held sts. The yarn will be at the end of the right needle ready to pick up sts up the right front.

Hi Salmonmac

Just wanted to say big thanks for your help and advice with my query earlier in the month. You gave me the confidence to get going with the neckband and I have now finished my jumper and wearing it as we speak. I am so chuffed with it. I’ve made a few jumpers but they have never been something that I would want to wear at the end of it all. But this time, it seems to have all worked and it fits. Super pleased. I’m going to knit another one in a different colour. Love it. Thank you so much for your advice. All best, Jane.

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The best news! Delighted to see it.