Pick up a neck using circular needles

I’ve only used a circular needle once before but now have to pick up and rib the neck on the sweater I’m knitting. I made a start but then the point broke off the thread -:doh:

Is it perhaps the way I’m using it rather than a faulty needle? Any tips on how best to do this welcomed!!

(OH is trying to fix said needle with pliers and the gas ring :wink: )

This video may help for picking up sts.

If you feel that you have to pull very tightly on the yarn in order to get the stitch on the needle, it might help to use a crochet hook to pick up the stitch and then transfer the stitch or stitches to your needle.
Here’s another video that shows picking up sts around a neck.

Are you going to be knitting the neck in the round? Are you using a small circular for that or a technique like magic loop?

Thanks - that was useful! Yes, I am knitting in the round and am now under-way but am possibly not using the needle in the best way - I’m not sure what a magic loop is so am attaching a pic of what I have

It looks like a fairly long needle so I’m concerned that your stitches will be too stretched out on this needle. Of course, that depends on how large the neck of the sweater is. I usually use a 16 inch long needle for the neck with worsted weight yarn but you might be able to use a bit longer needle depending on the yarn weight and number of sts.
Magic loop is a good technique that allows you to knit small diameter circles on one long circular. There are other ways to do this too. See small diameter circular knitting here:

Thanks yet again - I think I’ll get away with it as I have 104 stitches with aran weight wool, 2 x2 rib Crossed Fingers