Pick or Throw?

I throw left-handed, even though I’m a righty.

I throw. I’m left handed but can’t seem to do anything with it other than write. I learned to knit from books and it was/is much easier to just follow what I saw/see.

I’m a thrower

I am a thrower. I taught myself and that was what the book i picked up taught.

Well I just have my own style I throw with my left hand. So I do a cross between them both.

I’m a thrower. I’ve tried continental, but I just can’t seem to get it. Then, one day, I decided to stop stressing over it, and just accept that I’m an English knitter…and it’s ok. :lol:

Picker. I was a crocheter first so picking came more naturally. I tried teaching my daughter to pick, but she isn’t really getting it so I’m going to teach her to throw the next time she wants to try knitting.


I like both methods. I was taught by my mom who threw but about 16 years ago my left pointer was slammed in a safe and I couldn’t hold my needles so…I taught myself another method. It has come in handy for me though. I knit for fun and enjoy knowing various techniques.

I can now do both! I taught myself English but just recently learned Continental. I find that my hands don’t get as sore using Continental, and I’d like to try fair isle sometime, which I’ve read is easier if you can knit Continental.

I’m teaching dd to knit, and she’s a thrower. Whatever makes you happy is my motto!

I knit left handed so I throw.

I throw. I kinda throw in a strange way and my yarn is wrapped twice round my index finger. It makes people gasp and wonder how on earth I get the tension right!

I’d like to try continental

I throw too. I can knit continental, but only do it when I get tired of throwing or when I am doing fair isle. I just cannot for the life of me figure out how to purl continental. I really think I am just as fast at throwing as I am at picking. It just feels better to throw. Plus I don’t really “throw” the yarn with a big motion, I just move the yarn around the right hand needle using my right index finger. It seems like it is minimal motion for my strongly right-handed tendancies.

I’m a thrower. I’m trying to learn to pick because I have tendonitis in my right wrist and when it gets humid out (or the season’s change or the weather changes), my wrist starts to ache, so I have to put the knitting down. I can do the knit stitch continental, but I still have a hard time trying hold onto the yarn in my left hand and maintain even tension. I’ve given up on trying to purl continental. I just can’t get the hang of it at all.

I pick now, but just learned this past year. Before that I threw for 4 years.