Piano Scarf

This was made for our (yes, I’m taking lessons with my DD10) Piano Teacher for Christmas. This is http://vickidesigns.homestead.com/Piano.html where I got the pattern.

I loved making it for her and loved watching her open it even more.

Wow, that is really nice. My niece takes piano lessons. i bet she would love this! :thumbsup:


Excellent idea and exceptional work!!

That’s so cool! I might have to get my son to make one for his piano teacher. How many keys did you make, all 88?

Wait a minute. How did you do the back? Did you knit along and then fold it and sew up the side or knit a separate peice and sew together? :??


I made two separate pieces and then crocheted them together. I don’t think there were 88 keys cause there are white rows in the middle (I wish I would have just put the keys).

It was the first time I used two colors and I didn’t want all my mistakes showing on the back so I covered them with the striped black and white pattern. The scarf is THICK and HEAVY and will keep her WARM.

I love it!! What a wonderful gift :cheering: :cheering:

that is really gorgeous! great job!

What a wonderful gift!! You did a great job. :thumbsup:

What an excellent idea! I love the stripes on the back too. Very cute.

Wow! That is FANTASTIC!

that is really a nice scarf, clever.

What a great idea!! My grandmother use to say every summer if I get you lessons will you please learn… every summer i would say no please not Piano lessons… I think its great you two are learning together!! :thumbsup: The scarf looks wonderful

Very cool and clever. :cheering: :cheering:

[color=darkred]I couldn’t believe, my first visit here and I saw the scarf I’ve had a picture of in my needle box for at least 20 years, but never had the chart.

You did a beautiful job! What weight yarn did you use?
Thank You. Lana :XX: [/color]

ooo yay!!! I’ll have to make myself one!

OMG!! I love it!!! :happydance: