Pi Shawl border question

I’m working on my first pi shawl… I’m making it in dk weight cuz it’s for my daughter and I wanted something heavier to hold up to her using it…

I’m doing the border and I’ve frogged it several times cuz I just wasn’t happy with it. Now I’m doing the plain garter stitch and it’s folding over on top of the shawl… what could cause this? Will blocking it fix this or is it going to fold over while she’s using it? (I’m using super wash wool)


The stitch combinations may be doing it. In a lace project different sts like skp, sk2p, k3tog…etc are used to manipulate the design. It will correct with blocking but that area may have to be stretched more than others.

Thank you… I will carry on then, glad I don’t have to frog more, I’m hoping to get half way done tonight :knitting: