Philosopher's wool fair isle video?

I am trying to view this because, while I weave in the ends as I go, I am rather slow at it. I have heard that this video shows a quicker way to hold the yarn and weave in ends at the same time. But I can never figure out how to get the video. Has anyone else seen this rumored video clip? Did you have problems too?


You can buy the whole video (or DVD) from their site:

(The clip they have on their site is just promotional, it doesn’t teach you anything.)

I’ve made the sampler purse and viewed the video, but can’t find it right now! :wall: I’ll see what I can find and post it when I do!

AH-HA! I remember now…you need to use Internet Explorer to view the instructional video! It doesn’t work with Firefox. Go to this link in IE.

so have some of you bought the video? Is it worth it? I know how to do fair isle techniques, and I know how to weave as I go, but I don’t know how to do it as part of my knitting motion. I mean I have to stop and throw the tail before each stitch…very ineffecient. Does the video show you how to do it more efficiently? Thanks for any input…I don’t mind shelling out if it’s worth the money, but if not…


I haven’t bought the video, but I don’t know that it can help you with what you are asking. That just takes practice. If you are unfamiliar with using either continental or english you can check this site at the basic techniques tab above and learn how it’s done.

I normally knit english carrying the yarn in my right hand, but for the two handed technique you use both so it is awkward especially at first. I find I can’t do purling very well in continental so I try to adapt by using my right hand for that stitch if it’s in a pattern.

After I did the sampler this was one of my first projects.

All said and done though I’m sure the video is very helpful and probably offers more hints and tricks.

I’m not really talking about the fair isle/stranded technique per se. There’s a way to hold the tails with your other strands that will automatically weave them in as you knit. I’ve seen it done; I’m not making it up. :?? I just don’t know if that particular technique (weave-in-as-you-go) is part of this video. Make sense? Probably not; I’ll just have to cough up the cash. Fortunately my b-day is coming up. :present: :woohoo:

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It’s also in their book, which is a decent pattern book as well. I do it where you insert the needle, then put the tail over the right needle tip back to front, wrap the stitch with your working yarn as normal and take the tail off before you pull the stitch through. It’s not actually ‘part of the knitting’, but you can get to the point where you do it rapidly. Still a separate step, though.