Phentex slippers

I have finally bought some phentex yarn to make the following slippers
Cast on 66 stitches with light color. Knit first 6 stitches in light color, then 6 stitches in dark color. Alternate the colors every 6th stitch.
All rows are knit (garter stitch), being careful to twist the light color over the dark one.
Knit until desired length is reached.
For example, 20 rows for children, 29 for ladies and 32 for men. Cast off by knitting 2 together over all the stitches.
Cut the Phentex long enough for sewing with a needle, and pass it through the remaining stitches
Sew 1 stripe inside on both sides of the slippers to make extra gore.
Sew heel and toe on wrong side. Reverse to right side and sew the instep.
Tie a Pompom on top.
I am ok until I finish the first row and start the second row . On the first row my 2 colors are stranded as I think they should be ok no problem .
Then what do I do on the 2nd row . the second row the strand is facing me alomg with the yarn like I am supposed to purl . It is driving me crazy If anyone has made these please help there must be a secret to it

One thing is that you’re not supposed to purl. The directions say garter stitch and that you will be knitting every row.

I think you’re still going to have a problem with the strand, though.

I think you’re going to have to have a separate strand of yarn for each section.

If it was stockinette, you would strand across the back for knit and front for purl. For garter, I don’t know how you would strand across the front while knitting.

That is my dilema . I know I need to knit every row but how can you knit and only have strands on one side of the garment . there must be a trick I cannot figure .

I think what you need to do is have one strand of yarn for each color block. So you would have your light color and knit six with that. Then you would bring the dark color yarn up under that strand and knit six with a dark strand. Then you would have a light strand and knit six with that, then dark, etc.

So from the back of your work you would have 11 strands of yarn, not connected to one another. You would knit these intarsia style, not stranded style.

I don’t think its intarsia . Ihave several pairs of these slippers already and the inside is all stranded . and the stranding of 2 colors make them really thick and padded . I just cannot figure how to keep the stranding on the side away from me which will be the inside of the slipper . I watched amy’s video on stranding but she does not show how to start from the beginning and turn and start the 2nd row.

If you knit on one side and purl on the other, stranding is not a problem. When you knit, the yarn is at the back, so it gets stranded there. When you purl the yarn is across the front and gets stranded there. This way the yarn is always stranded along the same side.

If you knit every row, and strand across the back, then when you turn your work that becomes the front and you have to strand across the back again. Understand?

Is there a place I can look at a picture of these? You’ve gotten me curious now.


Actually, I found a pattern. Looking at the picture, the stripes are not stranded per se on the inside. It looks like intarsia to me.

Anyone else–if you can explain it better, please do.

here is the site of the patternI am trying to knit . The stripped pair not the checkered

I had edited my post to say that I found that. If you look at the inside of the slipper in the picture, the stripes are distinct. If it were stranded, the white would cross the back of the blue and vice verse.

found another pattern for slippers that may be easier to work

maybe take a look and let me know what you think. If you can clarify row 2 I woulsd appreciate it . ARE they saying K3, K1P1K1 THEN PURL 3TOGETHER

Those are cute.

Row 2: You knit 3 like regular, then you k, p, k all in the same stitch. In other words, knit, but don’t slide the stitch off, then move the yarn forward between the needle tips and purl in that same stitch, but don’t slide it off. Then move the yarn back and knit in that stich again and then slide the whole thing off. You will have made 3 stitches where there was one.

Then on the next stitch you will decrease by knitting the next 3 stitches together. Put all three loops on your needle at once, slipping them as if they were one stitch and knit. This will give you one stitch where there were 3.

I just started doing these too. In the pattern, it suggests that for men, it should be 32 rows. HUH? That’s not long enough. Is it the length (the 66 stitches) that is the length of the slipper? I’m way confused.