Phentex slipper pattern?

would anyone happen to have a pattern for slippers made with phentex slipper and craft yarn? the wool feels like its made of nylon???
i had an old aunt that used to make these and they wore like iron, unfortunatly she is no longer with us and i would like to make some of those slippers.
thanks for the help xxx


Here’s the Phentex site for the slippers

I know what you mean by hard wearing, I have a red and white pair I love and have worn for more than 5 years.

:muah: o thank you so much i knew someone would know what i was talking about and could point me in the right direction, you have made my day

Glad I could help :slight_smile: Happy Knitting

Has anyone made slippers from this pattern? I don’t understand. It says to knit 28/29 rows for womens. I have knit 30 rows and they are only a few inches long. I realise the pattern may need to be adjusted for individuals, but 28 rows falls way to short of anyones foot???

I am a beginner. My mother and my aunts use to knit these slippers many years ago. But they don’t have the pattern written down anymore. From memory they told me to first, start by using 4 balls of yarn ,2 colours, two strands together. Then cast on 60 stitches. Next knit 5 stitches, switch colour knit 5 etc. Thats all I got to goon. Does this ring a bell with anyone? Also my mom saysshe got this pattern from hutterites. I have searched online but cannot find any other pattern.


My mother makes these slippers as well. I, too, am trying to get the pattern. It’s at
If you want, please contact met at:
I will help ou with the pattern. My mother is 85 years old and makes the checker style. They are wonderful and make great gifts.
I’m trying to right the pattern myself because she doesn’t articulate the pattern very well. But I will do the best I can to help both of through this.
If you want,we can call each other, but let’s talk on this method first.

They stretch. Oh, boy, do they stretch. I’ve had people tell me my garter stitch pattern couldn’t fit a small child…until they try to put the slipper on and find it would easily stretch to fit a guy. If you want to see stretch in action, make the slippers where you just knit a 7" garter stitch square, then sew the cast-on edge to itself and the cast-off edge the same way. They look impossible, but work.

If you enlarge their picture, you can see that it’s about 30 ridges, not 30 rows. This is just like the pattern that I derived from an existing slipper, and posted over in general knitting, with some differences. An older lady my husband knew in Quebec made him a pair in about 1975.