Phentex Crochet Slipper pattern

I’m seeing tons of patterns for the knit version of the Phentex knitted version of slippers. I came across the crochet version of this, the Phentex Minute Crochet Slippers, at a thrift store today. The pattern is from a kit. There is no yarn given for this. I’m assuming it’s the Phentex slipper yarn? This is listed as a chunky yarn (#5?) with an I crochet hook. The worsed weight Phentex is a #4. There’s no gauge listed. No hook given. The original hook must have come with the kit. I tried the pattern with doubled worsted weight. They’re gigantic. Going to try a single strand of worsted weight next and see what I can come up with. Does anybody have any clue what yarn and hook would be used for this? Would love to post this online. Ravelry doesn’t have the crochet version and I’m not finding it anywhere else. I believe, from what I’ve read online, that the Phentex company, unregistered the kit in 1984 and this would make the pattern public domain?

A bulky/chunky yarn and an I hook would give a pretty dense fabric so that’s probably what the original was. A single worsted weight might take a G or H, so you could try them and see what size you come out with.

Not sure if it would be public domain. Phentex is still around and may still own the rights to the pattern even if they unregistered the kit.

Here’s the original kit picture.

And the full pic.

These crochet up really fast. I wear a 7,8 shoe and these were a bit big with a size H crochet hook. But it’s a nice pattern and will be great once I tweak the size.

I don’t think the simple act of unregistering a kit would make it public domain because public domain has more to do with how old the pattern is rather than whether it’s in use or not (consider out of print books, many of which are [U]not[/U] public domain).

Before you post this pattern online, I would strongly recommend checking with the company first to see what they say. That way, you’re sure not to break any copyright laws.

Those are cute slippers, by the way!

If you find out the pattern is no longer copyrighted, please post. Or the company may tell if the pattern is still available elsewhere. I seldom see a slipper pattern I like; this looks like a good one.

Phentex is a Spinrite company. Spinrite also owns Bernat, Patons, Lily, and Caron. I love using Phentex slipper yarn, because it has antibacterial properties, which counteracts foot odor. Awesome stuff!

I didn’t know that. I learn so much from you. I know Caron was just bought out. Are they going to change their lines at all or keep what they have? Some people are nervous that Simply Soft and One Pound will be discontinued. For KH members who don’t know, Shandeh is a Bernat blogger and up on all the latest yarns and trends.

I’ll cry if they discontinue simple soft :frowning: it’s my favorite acrylic yarn

I haven’t heard about any changes in the Caron lines. I do know that Spinrite purchased the factory in North Carolina where Caron yarns were manufactured, hiring back many of the Caron workers. So, that leads me to believe that the quality will stay exactly as it always has been.

Love the slippers! Hopefully you can either find the pattern online somewhere or get permssion to post it. Would love to make these for my kids.

I have to email and ask. Haven’t had time lately. We’ve been busy planning a funeral that will take place in the next few weeks. Also dealing with the news media. My mother’s cousin was killed in Korea in 1950. His body was just identified through DNA and will be returned home soon for a military funeral.

Oh, my. I can’t imagine what that’s like. My sympathy for you and your relatives. I hope in some way, at the end of the media barrage, that knowing he was IDed helps.

did you find a pattern for the crocheted minute slippers? if so could you tell me where I can find/purchase it? thanks

I have the pattern. It came with the package. I tried to find out if the pattern was copyrighted but no luck. I’m not able to share patterns with anyone unless the copyright ran out or it’s in public domain. I do know the kit was from the mid 1970’s. If anybody knows if this is public domain now, I would appreciate knowing for sure.

thanks for getting back to me. I found the kit for sale on so I think I will go that route.

Great news! And my, that was timely, wasn’t it? I hope you can get your pattern for a good price.

Amazing slippers, how does it feel while wearing it :inlove:

I found it here…