Pfb & tbl stitch help!/book rec's

Can anyone tell me how to do a pfb and a tbl stitch please?
I did see a pfb stitch (on the video)on this site in the increase section, but did not see a tbl. The videos are a big help. I just bought some fine merino earlier today for Kate Gilbert’s ‘Clapotis’ scarf/stole.The knitting shop is closed tomarrow and I would really like to start it tonight.
Also-can anyone recommend a great “how to knit” every stitch book?I need one that has good pictures and explanations from increases, to decreases to lace stitches,etc…like a knitting bible with just about every knitting stitch there is or maybe a great video/dvd thingy that does the same thing?
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To purl front and back, purl the regular way, then, without taking the yarn off the left needle, reach in back and poke the right needle [B]up [/B]through the the hole between the front and the back and purl again. In Amy’s video, the last part of this operation is not so clear so look at just the purl through the back loop. That is exactly the last part of the operation. Is there a problem with seeing the videos on your computer or are you just a book person? I like the Knitter’s Bible by Compton for illustration.

You could watch the k2tog tbl (or p2tog tbl) vid. Same process except with two sts.

Stanley’s ‘Knitters Handbook’ has all the Ks, Ps, myriad of COs, BOs, etc. When to use them, when not.

Thank you very much, Jeremy B! :slight_smile:
I’d like to have a good reference book to go to by my side when Iam stumped. But videos work fine, too, probaly better. If I can see someone make the stitch, I can do it-so far anyway. Thank you for the book name,too.
Sincerely, Melody

Thank you very much for your help and book sugguestion! :slight_smile:

Is the pfb and tbl separate actions or done at the same time?

The pfb is purl the st, leave it on the needle and insert your needle into the back of the stitch (tbl) and purl again. Each stitch has a leg over the front of the needle and one through the back. Normally we knit or purl into the front leg, a tbl is when you purl or knit into the back leg.