PFB Question

Hi there -

New member here! I am a fairly new knitter - well actually been knitting a little over a year - but I am new to more complicated patterns… Anyway, I need some help!

PFB - I understand that this means purl front and back. I am making sure that I know the stitches required for Clapotis from Knitty - before I delve into it - but I cannot figure this one out!

Any tips on how to accomplish this stitch would be much appreciated!


Hi Mher,

PFB = P1 (leaving stitch on left needle), p tbl (purl through the back loop)

There are videos for “p tbl” on Amy’s “abbreviations explained” page:

So, you need to purl the stitch as you normally would, except that you don’t slide the loop off the left needle to complete it. Then “purl into the back” of the same loop (see Amy’s video), and then slip off the left needle.

Hope that makes sense…

I will get my needles out soon and try to figure it oiut! Thanks!

THANKS so much for this link to the PFB video. (I come to this site for a lot of help, but didn’t know Amy had videos for so many abbreviations explained.)
But I don’t know that I would have put the building blocks together so manageably as you did (purl, and THEN p thru back…)

I’m also starting my first Clapotis, so … many thanks!!:muah:

It’s an awkward stitch at first, but by the time you’re finished with the increase section it’ll be easy…

How does the pfb, which uses a stitch to make 2 stitches, factor into the stitch count?

For example, if the pattern says k3 pfb k9, do you use the 3rd stitch to purl into the front and back of, or do you knit 3 and then purl into the front and back of the 4th stitch?

Welcome to the forum!
For k3, pfb, k9 you would have 13 sts on the needle and increase to 14. Yes, use the 4th stitch for the pfb.