Petunia Tote from Spring '07 Interweave

Anyone Interested? Here’s a link to a great photo!

If you want to join in, just let me know and we’ll pick a date to get started that gives everyone a chance to pick up the pattern and yarn!

Oooooh, I love that bag!! I’ve been avoiding the new IK so that new patterns wouldn’t distract me from ongoing projects…curse you, Cristy, you foul temptress! :rofl:

And, um, that’s a ‘yeah, I’ll join the KAL’ kind of response, in case you weren’t sure! :teehee: I’m imagining mine in some sort of sand/tan/taupe color–perfect for summer (kinda like a straw bag, but not).

Oh wow…I love it!! Do they sell the new Interweave Knits at Joann’s?? I must have that pattern! I must have that bag!! :slight_smile:

YAY!!! I have a knit along!

Angelia–that’s the same color I was going to try–I have a million skeins of Elsabeth Lavold’s Cotton Patine that I bought to make a sweater and never got around to–I think it’ll be perfect. It’s sort of a sand/beige color. I actually want to make two so I’m trying to decide on a second color as well.

I have all of my stuff ready and will probably cast on later today or tomorrow morning–you guys get your stuff and let me know when you’ve started.

Feminine_earth–I don’t know if Joann’s sells IK–I got mine at Borders. I know most of the “large” bookstores carry it so I’d check there. I may go to Joann’s today or tomorrow so I’ll look if I think about it and let you know.

Oooooo pretty! I ordered a subscription, but I’m sure I won’t get this one so I’ll have to go buy it. Love that bag…may have to do it… :inlove:

I just got that new IK yesterday, and the whole time I was thinking of making that bag (probably in the same color). I think I’ll start once I finish my yet to cast on socks :rofl:

awesome!!! :slight_smile:

Ok, so I went to my Joann’s last night, and didn’t see any IKs…so I asked the cashier lady if they sell them and she said, “I have no idea.”

Right, good thing you don’t work there, lady. :wall:

So I went to Books a Million and bought it!! :cheering: There are so many nice patterns in this magazine! I’m so excited!!

What yarn are you guys using for the tote? I can’t wait to get started. :happydance:

I’m just about to cast on–a day later than I wanted to but better late than never!

I agree, there are tons of great patterns in this issue–I will probably tackle one or two of the sweaters too (and aren’t those interlac socks just awesome!!) but I’ve gotta get this bag finished up for my sil’s birthday.

I was planning to use some Elsebeth Lavold Cotton Patine that I have until I pulled it out and discovered it’s dk weight and the pattern calls for worsted…now I’m not sure what to do which is sad b/c I really wanted to have already cast on…

What are you going to use?? I’m trying to think of what I can pick up quick that will work well–of course anyone can get peaches n cream but I was hoping to use something a little nicer…I can get Lion Cotton quick but I’ve never used it…any ideas??

Anyway–I’m glad you found the IK and please post once you’ve cast on to let me/us know how it’s going.

Cristy, believe it or not, I’m actually thinking about using Sugar 'n Cream. Bad Missy, I know! But, it’s durable, cheap, and comes in so many nice colors! I’m gonna go to Joann’s this Friday and see what they have…if the Lion brand cotton is nicer though, then I’ll probably go with that instead. :slight_smile:

no, not bad missy–I’m actually considering it now too…I’ve tried on the general forum to get opinions on cotton but no one is replying :shrug:

I guess my patience is outweighing my materialistic side…I know I can run to wally world here in a few minutes and pick up some peaches n cream in exactly the color my sil would like (since it’s a gift for her).

OK i’m reluctantly joining this knit along…i’m a knit along virgin. i’m waiting for my yarn to come, i ordered it from joann’s last night so hopefully it will be here early next week

we like yarn virgins and loose knitters alike! LOL!!!

I got my yarn today–I decided to go w/ Lion Cotton primarily b/c it was my only option! LOL!! I found mercerized cotton at hobby lobby but the weight was wrong. I found the Lion Cotton in my sil’s favorite color (sage green) so I decided that I’d try it. I’ve never used it so that’s a bonus–it’ll be one more yarn I’ve experienced!

I’m about to cast on during American Idol and Grey’s Anatomy…I’m so excited!!!

I think I"ll join you ladies once I get a few things off the needles. Can’t wait for pics to start showing up!

I got about 15 rows done last night and that’s it–I didn’t do a swatch b/c I figure it’s a bag and knowing my own tension–if anything, it’ll come out smaller and I’ll have left over yarn.

I had hoped to get more accomplished but we decided to go out to dinner and I found myself very tired and went to be a little early as the little one was being cooperative. I plan to work on it more this afternoon and evening–I’ve got to run out for a couple of hours but then I’ll get back to it.

So far, I like the lion cotton–it’s nicer than sugar n cream…it doesn’t split as bad. I think it was a good choice for the bag since it’s inexpensive and just the color I was looking for. I’ll post some pics as soon as I have something worth posting…

I got my yarn today! Hoping to cast on tonight (and then I’ll have three projects on the needles :teehee: ) and get a few rows done.

I bought Sugar n Cream in pink and cream. The pink will be for the bottom and the strap, and the cream will be for the body. We’ll see how that goes! I’ve never joined yarn that couldn’t be felted, so I guess it’s time to learn a new join! :rofl:

That sounds great Missy! I can’t wait to see those colors–I think it’ll look neat!!!

Are you planning to swatch first or are you just going to wing it??

Swatch? :teehee:

I’m with you. It’s just a bag, and I’m a fairly tight knitter anyway. I won’t mind if it comes out a bit smaller. :slight_smile:

I’m about 5 rows from having the bottom of the bag finished–I’ll try to post pictures sometime tomorrow–it’s not all that interesting to look at so far as it’s just a piece of St st. Maybe I’ll post the pics after I pick up the stitches that are needed to start the actual “bag” part…

how are you guys doing…anyone else casted on yet???

I ordered the magazine and hope, hope, hope I get that issue soon! Sandra Ellen told me they had said they would send it in March. I wonder if I can wait that long… :?? :teehee: