Peter Pan's slippers

Hi everybody.
I’m the designer of this slippers, and i hope you like it. The pattern is free, and if you have any question, just please tell me.

in my blog, and in Ravelry too. cloud9

Hugs from Chile, Gabriela.

Hi my name is Laura and I have been looking everywhere for the pattern for the peter pan slippers. I am unemployed and don’t have the money to buy the pattern and it has been removed from ravelry. I want to make them for my sister for her birthday. I was wondering if you still had it or if you remember how it’s made, I know this post is years old. Anyways I hope to hear from you, thank you so much :slight_smile:

You could try sending an email to the designer who may not still be active here. Click on the name and go to the public profile. There may be a link there on the right to an email. Good luck!

also 165 ravelers have that in their project links. maybe try contacting some/all of them and see if they have the pattern to email.

There are many designers that still remain working in this forum. Try to click on their profile, contact them to get more information.

Good luck :smiley:

Still looking for pattern. No longer available on Ravelry Apparently this site has 50 copies of this pattern for sale for $4.50. Woo-hoo!

Those look super cute! Added to my queue!

Hello wastingawallflower - Do you know how to make a granny square? The pattern that you have shown starts off with a granny square. Fold the granny square in half, corner to opposite corner forming a triangle. The folded edge fits over the top of your foot. Where the corners meet will sit at your heel. Sew the seam from your toe to your heel and half way up the back of your ankle. Fold the top down and you have a slipper. Repeat for a second one. I hope this is helpful. There are many sites that show how to make a granny square. If my instructions are not clear enough, try it with a square piece of scrap fabric to get the idea of how it is done.
Good luck.

I recently make a pair of Peter Pan’s slippers for my niece. I crocheted a square by first making a chain long enough to reach around her foot. Once I had the right length, I did rows of half double crochets until the piece was square. I folded it in half so that the folded edge was on the bottom of the foot. I sewed the seam from the folded edge to the top at the back of the slipper. I then ran a gathering piece of yarn at the other end and cinched the toe together leaving a long enough tail of yarn to sew the seam along the top of the foot from the toe half way to the heel. I made them in bright green and topped them off with a white pompom. I hope you are able to make sense of one of these patterns.