Peter Pan Yarn?

Has anyone knit with Peter Pan Chunky yarn? When I asked around at my LYS they looked at me like I was from another planet. So, I am now asking everyone else! Is it 100% wool, or is it a blend? How chunky is it? What can I use for a substitute?

I want to make my son the Child’s Duffle Coat from and it calls for Peter Pan Chunky. It does not give me the yardage to use only the amount of yarn balls used or wraps per inch. It does give me a gauge of 13 sts and 24 rows to 4 ins over pattern on 7.5 mm needles.
It actually says right on the pattern to use only that specific yarn. SO I am on I quest to find out as much as I can about this yarn as I can.

Peter Pan is a British yarn and I think it is probably acrylic. Maybe one of the UK members will be able to help you. I have only used their Velvet Touch yarn.

Hi, Deja
I haven’t knitted with Peter Pan yarn; however, I have heard of it. IIRC it is more commonly found in the UK or Canada. I looked at the pattern on and from the looks of it it seems to be an out of print vintage pattern, most likely the yarn is no longer being produced.

Based on the tension you gave, I would say it would be consistent with a current bulky (chunky, craft, rug) weight yarn. Looking on this ( might be a compatible substitute yarn. I am not sure how much you should purchase though.

Wendy’s Peter Pan Yarn is beautiful and soft yarn. I use it all the time. The kind I have is a sport weight type. I buy it through It is cheaper to go through Smileys then having to go to a yarn shop to get it.
Hope this helps :muah:

It is acrylic yarn, so safe for premature babies and like I said its a sport weight yarn. Its thinner then many of the baby yarns you see in wal-mart.