Peter pan anniversary layette pattern

Hi, I am Zee.

A long time ago (my son is now 30 I started knitting a baby blanket. I have the wool and the unfinished blanket but the pattern appears to be lost in the mists of time. Does anyone recognise this pattern or have a copy of it? I think it was peter pan but not sure. I know it was a special anniversary print. Have now retired and would love to finish it for a grandchild.

Disregard. I think I have just found a copy on etsy.


That’s a great blanket and how exciting to be ble to finish it up for your grandchild!
Good to hear you found the pattern.
Let us know how you get on.

I forgot how difficult this was. Now I know why it never got finished after 3 kids and is now only up for finishing now I am retired : ). I will post a picture when complete.


It’s going to be worth every effort to complete. Good for you for bringing this lovely blanket out of storage.