Pet pics

I took this photo of my cat Buffy today and I just had to share,

Talk about laid back, nothing phases this little kitty!

Looking forward to seeing some cute pet piccies.

:roflhard: She looks like she’s trying to get something off her tongue!

What a cute picture!

Here are a few of mine…

This is Pele, my daughter’s dog (named after the greatest soccer player):

This is Aubie, the oldest of the three (and the most well-behaved):

And this is Molly, the youngest and most rambunctious:

Oh, and I can’t forget about the rats…

Here is Chance…

And this is Cadillac:


:inlove: awww nobones and auburnchick how cute!!

Gideon is the big gray one and Bella is my tiny one…she is so small and her eyes are so blue that usually photos don’t turn out…and at night her eyes are red and spooky looking :oo:

AWW, what beautiful babies!

I posted my kitties the the silly cat pics thread, so I won’t post them again, but, here are my pups, Lucy and Freckles!

aww I love the darker colored one’s expression!! To cute :inlove:

That’s such a gorgeous pic, Nobones! I’m very impressed :slight_smile: I got some good ones of my kitty the other day, but I’ve still to tidy them up a bit…

OMG all the puppers are too cute
Here’s mine - Daisy is our 1 1/2 y/o who likes to sleep in my recliner and hoard all the new toys. Poor 'ole Spencer (white dog) is just bored with us all : )

The spider is a long dead male but you can’t really tell the difference from the living female who should (edit)live to(/edit) be around age 30.

The dog is my only present dog. He’s the best one I’ve ever had. I think he’s a reincarnated Buddhist trying to come back as a human.

Had to ad my other babies - my bunny Scamper I had for almost 8yrs and he passed away a couple years ago and the other dog is my ole man Cody who lives with my parents (he goes EVERYWHERE in the truck with my father)

A rabbit!
I forgot about my sister’s blue rabbit. (I think this is her present one but she’s gone through so many, I tell her she does better than I do hunting.)

She got into rabbits because a stray lop showed up on her doorstep.
She eventually found the owners and they let her keep it.

Gotta love the bunnies ! I got my first one as a kid b/c my brother wanted a dog and my mom said NO WAY was she going to raise 2 kids and a puppy … my dad was being shipped to sea with the Navy. They talked and got us a Netherlands Dwarf - Misty Blue - that was a reject from a breeder. She lived almost 9 yrs and made 3 moves with us. Then I got another one when I graduated college and couldn’t find an apt to rent that would allow me to have the 'ole man Cody. I wish I could talk the hubby into another one or two bunnies, but not likely to happen with 2 dogs.
Oh well, thanks for sharing all the pics.

love the fluffies!! except the spider :roflhard:

It’s fluffy, just not as cuddly :slight_smile:
She really does have a bad attitude, not like the one I had that liked to be petted (I used a stick).

(I meant to say she should live to be around 30, not that she is 30.)

Mike, your dog is adorable! He looks like he’s got a lot of personality. And everyone else’s pets are so cute, too! I love seeing these pictures.

As for my puppy, here she is:

First being caught getting in trouble, and second with the other half of “her humans”. :lol:

Aren’t all these pets precious!
Here is a picture of our sweet Speckles, the day after Christmas with her new toy. No, I did not pose her that way. She’s very photogenic! She loves to run around and play with her toys, then take them to the landing there to chew awhile, then use them as pillows for naptime.

What’s this? An opportunity for me to post a million doggie pictures online??? SURE!! :yay:

I guess you could say we’re “Dog People,” here goes…

Up first: My grandfather used to breed bassets, in his retirement he just likes a nice pet. Here’s his newest basset puppy CB (what’s that about owners looking like their dogs??? :teehee:)

Here is one of my aunt’s dog Lyla (she’s the white one–a goldendoodle with a short haircut) and my parents new puppy Loki a golden retriever:

This is my brother’s dog Sandy with her…um…“arts’n’crafts project” :teehee:

Have you ever seen a dog looking so proud of herself???:roflhard:

And here’s my Cooper HAAAAATING me for dressing him up at my dad’s 50th Bday party:

And here he is zonked out as usual:

I love cute animal pictures, keep 'em coming!:mrgreen:

Here are our birds, most are rescues:

This is our 2 dogs:

This is Katie, my Shih Tzu and Comforter!

This is Blue, our Treeing Walker Coonhound!

This is Dani, our Treeing Walker Coonhound spotting a tree squirrel!

This is Charlie, our St Bernard puppy. Sixteen weeks old and 60 lbs