Pet Peeves

Okay, I don’t know if I’m just extra irritable or people are just being extra stupid lately!

I was shopping at a local big box craft store the other day and really wanted to slap a lady. I was waiting in line at the register and since I was the 3rd person and the one at the register had a ton of stuff, they called another cashier. A couple of girls walked up behind me while waiting for the extra cashier. This lady came walking up with her hands full of stuff and followed the new cashier to her register- walking RIGHT through the line of us already waiting! I’ve got ONE small thing, two cranky kids, and had been waiting, but no, she thinks she’s entitled to the register because she has her hands full. (Do you SEE those baskets/carts RIGHT over there???) She’s laughing and carrying on with the girls behind me who had also followed her over. I was so frustrated. What happened to asking the next person in line to step over to the new register? Even if I had at that point, I would’ve been waiting even longer with all of the first lady’s junk and the girls too!

Second incident, THAT day. I met my husband at a fast food restaurant for dinner. (Son has t-ball and I had to work so we have to eat quick.) We come in different doors and some lady and her daughter walked in behind Jon. They practically ran around him to get in line before us. Then, they discuss what to order for who and order about 6 meals while we wait behind them. They get done and head over to the pop/soda machine. The girl decides she needs to sip the fizz out of the top of her cup, fill it up again, sip some more fizz, fill it up again, arrange her lid just right, unwrap and put the straw in. Her mom finally came over and told her to move so we could get our drinks. (I’d been standing there [I]patiently[/I] waiting with my 2 year old.) I just don’t understand the need to get in line ahead of someone and then making up your mind what to order. I typically don’t get in line unless I know what I’m ordering and don’t make others wait for me to play with my drink.

Also, why the heck do people not use the sidewalk? I was driving down a fairly busy street and had to drive around some idiot running down the street a few feet away from a perfectly fine sidewalk. I see it ALL the time. What are sidewalks for if people can’t walk/run on them??? I understand when there’s a car parked over it (which seems to be the case on our street because of some idiot with extra fixer-uppers.) Or kids playing or toys in the way, but this is never the case when I have to stop or drive around them! (And they don’t seem to care about the “facing traffic” rule either!)

Along the same line, why do bicycle riders think the stoplights don’t apply to them? I’ve almost hit a few of them because they think that they are exempt from the laws. The most recent, I was turning left at a stoplight. He was coming from my right and saw me turning left so he could go through his intersection, except, I had to make room for him when he used half of my lane. Had I not been paying attention, I would’ve ran him over or at least knocked him down when he pulled up on my right side. Had he just obeyed the stoplight and waited, it would’ve been fine.

Just thought I’d vent here. I tell my husband but he just shrugs and blows me off…


Late repairmen.

Greedy neighbor kids who hear my kids opening a popsicle outside and swarm them.

Inconsiderate neighbors who park their loud rumbling trucks in front of the house with windows down and crap rap blaring.

When the DJ on the radio goes off on a tangent, and wont tell me the name of the song they just played…

And idiots who BARK at my dog when Im taking him for a walk.

Dirty diapers in parking lots.

Hard plastic wrapping on merchandise that takes a chain saw to open.

And mommies who coddle their holy terror children and when my child makes one minor infraction, …here she comes to rant and rave and holler at me! And then tell ME that their child would NEVER do such a thing.

People who pick their butts in PUBLIC.

California transit: :rollseyes:

Bicyclists use the sidewalk here. I’ve never seen this anywhere else in the US. One has to peer around buildings before turning a corner. It’s absurd.

Motorcyclists are legally allowed to pass through traffic jams (between rows of idling cars!) on the freeway so as not to be overcome by fumes. ok, fine. That doesn’t make it ok for one to go around me in a left-turn lane in the city when he and I are the only two vehicles.

people who chew with their mouth open.

people who go to work sick, or send obviously sick and contagious kids to school.

people who park in emergency lanes at the grocery store instead of walking 15 feet to the open parking spaces. (and I mean perfectly healthy people- and there are at least 5 open spots.)

Clerks who can’t calculate your change without a working register/ computer.

Road hogs/ tailgaters/ not using turn signals/ driving on the shoulder to avoid waiting in a backup…


hugs for you Kelly! and Paper Girl!

I really hate it when the people are sitting IN the car waiting for somone in the store in the fire lane. Like they can’t park and drive up when they see the person come out! They always seem to block the little dip for wheelchairs/carts/strollers too. I go RIGHT next to them if I’m pushing a cart and if I happen to touch the car, OOPS! I have the right of way!!!

Oh yeah…and the people that drive really fast so they don’t have to wait for you to cross as you’re coming out of the store. Argh!

As far as registers- I know how to count back change. I’m much better at that than trying to subtract and figure out the coins to go along with my number. (Young) people look at you like you have 3 heads when you count back to them!


Here are just a few :wink:

People who honk at you the second the light turns green. This just happened while my daughter was driving us home from the grocery store. Remember that she just got her permit, and she’s learning to drive a stick shift at the same time. I just about got out of my car…daughter was trying to calm me down. :teehee:

People who pick their nails in public.

Repetitive noises, such as tapping of pencils or the kicking of feet on bleachers or the back of my chair.

Phone menus that don’t give you the option to speak to an operator.

Cuss words and sexual stuff in kid movies (or any movies for that matter).

Tacky holiday decorations.

Being bumped from a flight when you HAVE to be there today!

Going into a restroom stall and, after doing my business, discovering that there is no toilet paper!

Office gossip and fake niceness.

Soccer parents who yell at the players – especially those who play “coach” on the sideline. I especially can’t stand when people yell, “Pass the ball,” at my daughter, who is an exceptional ball player and doesn’t have to pass it every time (rec mentality)!

Kids who call me by my first name. I prefer “Ms Nathalie” since I grew up in the South.

People who don’t leave feedback for me on Ebay! :wall:

Peeves make lousy pets.

As for the bicycle riders mentioned, I wish the cops would make more of an effort to stop and ticket them. As someone who uses only a bicycle for transportation when home from the road I am an advocate of vehicular cycling and morons like those do nothing to help our cause.

Bicycles are required to obey all of the same traffic laws as any other vehicle on the road and are subject to ticketing just the same.

If I had to name a peeve it would be automobile drivers who do not respect the rights of a bicyclist to use the roadways. I have been hit a couple of times and have had many near misses, always when I was riding exactly where I was supposed to be and obeying the traffic laws. My helmet has saved my skull more than once.

One of the happiest cycling days I had was last summer when some jerk passed so close by me that I could have washed his windshield for him. His mirror missed me by less than two inches. A local cop saw it and pulled him over for it. The law requires a car to not pass a cyclist on a two lane road until the oncoming lane is clear so they can move out to pass, just like passing another car. He got a ticket for it and I was quite happy.

I agree with most everyone:

My idiot neighbor who has 7 cars - 1 in the garage, 2 in the driveway, and 4 in front of his house/mine, and barely leaves me room to get in/out of my driveway! (Plus, the wife does daycare, so when people come to drop off/pick up their kids they park in front of my driveway so I can’t leave! UGGGH!)

People who in front of the “Beverage House” (a local liquor store), in the fire lane, when the parking lot is 10 feet away but “everyone” parks in front of the store… and leaves their cars running. (Do they really need their booze THAT badly they can’t take an extra 1 minute to park and turn off their car???)

Drivers who “stalk” you for your parking space (follow you from the store exit to your space… and then get all upset when you don’t leave the second you get in your car so they can take your spot)

People who curse in public like it’s nothing - just part of everyday speech, especially when there are kids around!

Just thought of more (boy, this feels so good…getting things off of your chest!) :teehee:…

Lingerie clerks who insist on asking another co-worker across the store (and loudly), “Roxanne, where do we keep the size A push-up bras?” And then they look at you very sympathetically. :oops:

Overbooked doctors – Waiting in the doctor’s waiting room for an hour past your appointment time, finally getting taken to a room, and waiting another 45 minutes for the doctor to come in.

Christmas ads that start before Halloween! Are you kidding me?

Hairdressers who offer conditioning (cause your hair feels like straw) and then charge you $25 for it, on top of the cut!

Friends who never call you first…you always have to be the one to call.

Pet Peeves: People. :teehee:

People who mix up lose and loose … eugh
here & hear
they’re their there

oh and your you’re

I do that too- it is so easy once you understnad it. Do they even teach that to kids anymore?

I forgot one- My inlaws… :roflhard:




Let’s not forget to and too as well.

I’m especially amused when someone corrects another’s spelling in a post somewhere and misspells something in the process.

Elderly people who queue jump - think because they’re old, they can forget basic good manners.

One old duck, who apparently was a chronic queue jumper, got told:“That’s right dear, go in front of us - we’ve got lots more time than you have!”

Second hate is at a party or some such gathering, when a pompous twerp demands to know “And what do you do?”

I told the last genius who asked me this “About £200,000 a year - how’s yourself?”

Could go on forever but I’ve got a rule for now - if I get more than my share of queue jumpers, cash point customers who take about 15 minutes to use the machine (usually outside in the pouring rain), kids screaming and shouting and generally swarming around while I have my ‘quiet’ cup of coffee - GO STRAIGHT HOME AND TO HELL WITH THE LOT OF IT AND THEM. IT’S JUST NOT WORTH THE AGGRO.

I take extra long when someone does that. I have to get 2 kids buckled in anyway, but then I check the cell phone, my lists, coupon pile, or anything else just so I don’t have to back out in the 2 1/2 feet of space they gave.

Oooh another one- idea/ideal confusion. An idea is a thought, ideal is a standard. Buying more yarn is a good idea, not ideal. There’s a lady in another forum that’s been corrected 3 times but still uses ideal instead of idea.



I can’t stand when people are 10 feet from the cart return, and just leave the shopping cart in the empty parking space right beside them. I always make a remark when I see this, and put the stupid thing where it belongs, or if I need a cart I just say “Thanks for the cart!”. I think that is really rude… the cart could roll into someone’s car! I also can’t stand seeing someone whip into a handicapped space, and when they get out there is clearly nothing wrong with them. I always make a remark about that too, like “Wow, I hope I have that much energy if I am ever handicapped!” I also hate when I have been waiting in 20 degree weather at the bus stop for 15 minutes, and the lady whose house is right in front of the bus stop, comes out when she sees the bus at the end of the street, and absolutely has to get on the bus in front of me. Go right ahead… I hear the frostbitten look is in this winter! I bit my tongue on that one for a long time, then one day, as she was hurrying to get on the bus, I just sped up and cut right in front of her. As I was walking back to get a seat, I heard her say to the driver “Boy, she’s in a hurry isn’t she?” No, you dim wit… I was waiting first, so I get on first. That’s all that really bothers me. Most stuff, I just let roll off. I just laugh at people, makes me feel better than having my blood pressure go through the roof. :happydancing:

Runners do this because asphalt is softer than concrete.

you think that’s bad? i was in michaels a couple of weeks ago and they already had christmas wreaths hanging way up on the wall in the back above the yarn! :hmm: sure, they get them in early, but do they really have to put them out in the store for us to see? [I]isn’t that why they have ginormous stock rooms anyway?!?[/I] :oo: i used to work in one of the big stores and of the many things that bugged me, that was one of the ones that bugged me the most. :gah: