Pet Peeve: People Who Talk When Watching TV

I guess I just needed to vent!

Does anyone else HATE it when people talk while you are trying to watch TV?!? :roll: I live with 2 of them and unfortunately I sit between the 2 when TRYING to watch TV :nails:.

That’s why I love the pause and rewind buttons on my remote. :teehee:

On a similar note, how about people who watch tv while you are visiting them? My dad will leave the conversation to go watch a tv show while I’m at their house. Here’s the part that frosts me, I live an hour away and visit maybe every two or three months so it’s not like I’m over there all the time.
I have since stopped going to visit as often because I always feel like I’m intruding on the blessed tv time.

Peeves make lousy pets

Hubby sent my daughter, granddaughter and me out of the room so that he could hear his show. We did go in the other room, because my granddaughter was pretending to teach us school. We were a rowdy bunch. lol

It is pretty rude to watch t.v. when company visits, if they don’t care for the show themselves.

:waving:Raising my hand–Yes, I’m guilty. :oo: I do have a habit of talking during a television show. However, I do try to limit myself to commercial time. :hiding:

Hubby and I talk between commercials to discuss the show while watching Heroes, for sure. Otherwise, we try to be considerate of each other, but we’re not always successful. Whoops.

UGH, I couldn’t agree more!!

My BF/roommate is the WORST, in my opinion. If he’s watching something that [I]he [/I]wants to watch and I start talking, he gets really angry at me. But then, if I am sitting in [I]my [/I]living room watching one of [I]my [/I]shows, he thinks it is alright to come downstairs with his dog and be loud and try to talk to me. Then he gets angry at [I]me [/I]if I get angry at him for being loud. Honestly, I’m about fed up with it, really. :hair:

I just look at my husband and ask him if it could wait until the commercial. My mom’s English is broken and often times they are talking because he’s explaining something which she didn’t understand on TV, so I really shouldn’t have complained. :shrug:

I get annoyed too because I consider evening TV time my down-time. However, I have to be careful because I don’t want to turn my kids away from potentially good conversation.

I got rid of my DVR, but I’ve discovered that I can watch many of my shows online, so if I think I’ve missed anything pertinent, I’ll go back and watch it later.

Ooo I’m a guilty party too, but lucky for me I don’y live with someone who hates it anymore >_<

My dad you to hate it when I did that… I don’t carry on a conversation while its on, but I like to throw in a side comment if I find something paticularily interesting…

On the downside I often find myself asking, “What did I miss?”

My son always walks in on me interrupting me while watching my shows (I watch on the internet now since I got rid of cable) and when I pause it I have a hard time getting back to the same spot. I need to put a lock on my door when I watch my shows. I mean I tell him before I turn the thing "don’t interrupt me: and what does he do…:roll:

I get annoyed sometimes but mostly I don’t mind, as long as I get to be involved in the conversation, if my housemates are carrying on a conversation that I can’t join in with when I’m watchin tv I do get annoyed.

I don’t mind people watchin tv when I come over because I grew up with my grandparents doing that whenever people come around. I do get annoyed when I go over to see my boyfriend and he insists on playing on his blasted xbox cos he only has one controller and most of his games are one player so its not even like i can join in!!! I frequently get the urge to hold his controller to ransom.

Well, it’s just the DH and me, and I’m sure we both annoy each other now and then with the ill-timed talking. Most of the time I try to be mindful – as a kid I was trained to be as quiet as possible while Dad was watching the TV news!

But my DH does drive me crazy sometimes when he starts in complaining about work or some of his other pet peeves right in the middle of something we’re both watching. We’ve got the tube volume turned up so HE can hear it, and then he starts ranting. I always feel caught in the middle – one half of me trying to keep up with the show, the other half nodding and trying to follow what the DH is saying. Gives me a headache, and I end up losing the plot on both counts!


Oh, I am really naughty! I don’t just talk during TV time. I talk TO the TV! Yell at the TV. Correct the TV’s grammer & punctuation, politics, religion, etc. Oh, yeah. You sure don’t want to be around me anywhere near a TV. :roflhard: :woot: :cheering: :happydance: :yay: :woohoo: :rofl:

I have my own TV because my husband can’t stand to be in the same room with both me and a TV! LOL!!!

I don’t just talk during the program. NO! I talk TO the TV! I yell at the TV. Correct grammer, punctuation, religion, politics, parentage, you name it! (To boldly split infinitives where no one has split infinitaves before!)

And now, back to our programming…


Did my husband start this thread

My DH is hard of hearing (years of driving truck, and years spent in military combat)

He has a hearing aid ($5000 paid by L & I) that he won’t wear.
Has never worn. He’s had it for 9 years.

He eats crunchy stuff while watching TV.

He can’t hear over his own grazing…and, as I said, his hearing isn’t great in the first place.

So he is constantly asking me “what did it say?” “what did she say?” “re-wind that for me”. :hair:

Sometimes my evil twin gets so annoyed that she turns the volume down on him so he’ll either quit with the crunching, munching and grazing…or use the darn hearing aid!

So far, neither has happened.

I put in earplugs to drown out his crunching, munching and grazing…
and I can still hear the people on TV just fine ‘n’ dandy! :eyes:

Ahhhh, for the love of man! :thumbsup:

My MIL has a running dialog the whole time watching TV or a movie. I try not to do that activity with her.

My father and my DH will both turn on the TV when having a conversation. My DH will leave the room to go watch TV or play computer games while my family is visiting even though I wouldn’t leave the room with his family visiting b/c I think it would be rude.



Oh, my gosh, that sounds so familiar! Except for a few minor details; my DH is slightly deaf in only one ear and he doesn’t have a hearing aid, although I really wish he’d get one. I don’t dare even suggest it!

Of course, he still complains when the TV commercials come on twice as loud as the show we’re trying to watch . . . but that’s a subject for a different thread.