Peruvian wool?

how does peruvian compare to merino? is it as soft? softer? i am going to buy soime wool off knitpicks, and i was going to go with the wool of the andes. thoughts?

i think it is soft but i don’t know compared to merino. i got some from knitpicks to make this…

The merino style at knit picks is a lot softer than WOTA.

Ya know I think WOTA is soft (some folks have said it is even scratchy :shock:) but its not as soft as marino. If you’re going to felt get WOTA but if you want something close to the skin get marino

wow I spelled Merino wrong twice :oops:

LOL That’s what the edit/modify button is for, but we don’t mind anyway. :wink:

ok i didn’t say what the sweater was knitted from did i well it is peruvian wool. and peruvian felts up pretty nice too but i had to use 4 strands of it to make this purse. i just used my leftover.