Peruvian pure alpaca

Is this good yarn has anybody used it?

Something tells me you just got the elann newsletter! :teehee:

I used it for a sweater (which is still in pieces) and it’s lovely! Super soft!!

Your right :woohoo: Have always wanted to use Alpaca and I can afford this.Wanted to make sure it was good stuff because price was so low.Thanks Ingrid



Is Alpaca scratchy?

No, it’s soft and light and delicious. It is to Angora what angora is to wool. Maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I’m making a scarf out of alpaca right now and it’s dreamy.

I have never felt a scratchy alpaca yarn. Ever.

Julie, aylaanne is right–alpaca is DREAMY!!! I just made myself a winter hat out of it and a neck warmer, and I’m TOTALLY addicted!!! Before I became a knitter, I used to shun animal fibers because rabbit fibers bother me and wool always scratched me. Then, I discovered merino wool (which I LOVE!!!) and now alpaca. It is so darned warm and soft, I think you’ll be happy with it. My sister bought me some Suri Dream alpaca that I’m going to make a throw out of, and I can’t WAIT to get started!!!

Then the Elann alpaca yarns are dirt cheap ! :shock:

Thanks everybody I orderd enough to make myself a sweater :woohoo: Now I just have to wait for the maillady :woot:

Didn’t Mike from last nights Dirty Jobs say that Alpaca it 5 times warmer than wool?? :?? I think that’s what he said. I’m making a scarf out of misti alpaca chunky and it’s HEAVENLY!!!

Alpaca is the warmest–something about the fiber being hollow.

I had deleted the elann ad because I’m not supposed to buy anymore yarn. It’s a self-imposed edict, so easily breakable. I fished the add out of the trash and ordered two colors. :oops: I’m hopeless.

See thats what I’m afraid of :teehee: If I love this yarn I won’t be able to stop ordering it :eyes:

now what could I make with this… I was thinking of making the husband a sweater out of it for christmas, but then I’d just be jealous of him getting to wear it! :teehee:

His and hers!!!

I should have known someone here would be an enabler for me buying even more yarn! :rofl: