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Hi everybody!

I’ll keep this short–has anyone ever ordered from here?


nah i just walk right on in when i wants me some malabrigo or koigu! :wink:

Lucky you! I’m not so lucky :frowning: The reason I ask is they say on their site that they have Katia Florida yarn (which I’ve been looking for) but before ordering, I just wanted some feedback on what they’re like to deal with.


Show off! :stuck_out_tongue:


well when i first started knitting and was looking for LYS around the area i saw some pretty horrible reviews of this store. but i started hearing rumblings that the reviews weren’t true. Apparently the woman who owned the store was going through some health issues and they caused her to be less than pleasant to customers. She actually passed away a while back and i believe it is her son and his wife running the store now. While they are sometimes a little TOOO attentive it is still a pretty pleasant experience dealing with them. The pics you see of the yarn on that site are crammed into a VERY small space. they have a Ton o’ yarn but i tend to not go there often because the store is soooo crowded. my favorite LYS is much brighter and cheerier and has a ton o’ yarn as well.

I would say order without fear. They are fun to talk to as well, so calling them wouldn’t be an issue either.