Perfect Christmas Card for Knitters

I found this holiday card on the ASPCA site. It’s perfect :heart: for us knitters! Hint: scroll down page–enlarge picture.

I hope the link works–I’m still new at this linking business!:blush:

lol…it is cute but i am not sure most of my friends and family would “get” it. though they would just take it as part of my “crunchy” personality and move on! :wink:

Don’t ewe know she’s too cute :wink:

Ohh, what a lovely name you have Denise! :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:


And I’m not sure I’d pay over a buck a card, either. Even if it’s for the ASPCA…yikes! :shock:

Why thank you, Denise. I think Denise is a lovely name too. :wink: We seem to have quite a few Denises on the board. I did get a chuckle once when I first registered and saw a message regarding “Those Darn Denises” I thought maybe I had accidently insulted someone–then realized they were talking about needles :doh: And sometimes, when I sign my name in a hurry it comes out DENSE! :rofling:

OMG I do the Dense thing TOO! That’s so funny!!! Have you seen all the stuff I’ve done on the Denise threads? Ingie thinks I search for my name everyday on the forum.

I especially like the “I Love my Denises” thread–all that :heart: for Me :roflhard:

Get in line, Sister. All that love is for ME!