Percentage of Wool

Today I went out with hubby to Michael’s, lys, because I wanted him to pick out the colour for his slippers. Turns out that it’s quite hard to find just 100% wool. Even after finding it, forget about colour selection.

I couldn’t find 100% wool in worsted yarn. The closest I could find was a mix of 75% wool and 25% nylon. Do you think I could felt it? Even if it’s not fully felted, do you think it would come out okay? Finally, is it a good idea or bad idea to knit socks and/or slippers with a yarn containing nylon?

Oh, is there actually some method of arrangement of yarns at yarn stores? Seeing a whole wall was kind of intimidating. It seems that they go by size mostly. I’ll be checking other yarn stores to see if I can find bigger varieties.

Hi beldaraan,

Where are you in Alberta? If you’re in Edmonton, there are a few LYSs other than Michael’s that have quite a lot of yarn to choose from.

I’ve found online stores to have better deals on yarns if you’re buying them for larger projects though…so it really depends on what you want…there are quite a few online resources too.


Hi beldaraan,

The closest I could find was a mix of 75% wool and 25% nylon.

As Amy told me a little while ago, those percentages make up a classic “sock wool”. Most “sock wools” will contain some smaller percentage of nylon to a larger percentage of wool. The wool is warm, absorbant and plyable, while the nylon gives your final knitted fabric added strength and endurance.

Further to Roxanne’s excellent suggestion to try online stores for the exact type of yarn you are seeking for your project, you could also try ebay…

Our Michael’s carries “Patons Classic Wool” which is 100% Merino wool and is very soft and not itchie like some of the other wools. It is one of the cheaper wools but I use it all the time to make stuff and I just love it.
You have to use 100% wool to do felting or it won’t felt properly.
I find “lion brand fishermans” and “lopi” to be very wrough and itchie. I hope this helps.

Balderaan, I actually placed an order at for Black Sheep Lamb’s Pride worsted - 85% wool mixed with 15% mohair. It was about $6.30/skein. Shipping wasn’t much either. It was less expensive than a yarn boutique where I bought the yarn for my original slippers.

Also you have to make sure it is not “washable” wool. That won’t felt. And from what I understand it does have to be 100% wool. The Michaels by me doesn’t have 100% wool either.

Good luck!

Wow! Thank you for all of the great advice.

Roxanne - I live in Edmonton! I’ll check out the yellow pages.

Jouf - Good point about “washable” wool. I will keep that in mind.

To everyone else - All of you suggested online shopping, but I have one problem - no credit card. I’ll speak with my hubby about about using his though, since he buys everything for me anyway. Thanks for the suggestions of places to go.

I’m in Edmonton too…“Knit n Purl” on 124 St is pretty good…“Ewe Asked for It” is really good and “Wool Revival” is even better. If you want higher end yarns, Wool Revival has them. Visit them all…they are little LYSs but all have a really great assortment of yarns to choose from too and I’m sure you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for.

I use Paton’s Classic Merino Wool on the felting project I’m doing right now, and I like it a lot. Like knittingnanna said, its pretty cheap and not itchy. I think it was around $4 USD for ~220 yards.