Peg bag

Please could someone help me with this pattern. I have got to the stage of completing until piece measures 40cms. However what do I do now? Do I knit the intarsia hart separately then stitch on? Or knit into the pattern. So confused :woman_shrugging: Unsure of the steps about the stitch marker then the chart please could someone explain the steps of the picture I’ve uploaded in simple terms.
Much help appreciated x

The chart is worked into the bag, not separately. Work 13sts in moss stitch then purl across row one of the chart and work the remaining sts in moss stitch. Continue with this set up of sts: moss stitch, chart row 2, moss stitch etc. until you’ve finished the chart.
The marker must have something to do with seaming the bag when you’ve finished. Use a removable marker, a safety pin or a scrap of waste yarn to mark the indicated row and don’t move the marker up as you knit succeeding rows.
Can you give us a link to the pattern or to a pattern photo?

Hiya yes here’s the picture of finished project …

Thanks. Yes, looks like the bag is moss stitch with the center panel in stockinette stitch (knit one row, purl one row).