Peaked Lace Edging Chart?

I was browsing the different finishes people did to the Hemlock Ring Blanket and I feel in love with

I’ve been trying to find a chart for the ‘traditional peaked lace edging’ she used, but none of my resources have helped me :o/

I was just wondering if anyone might know of a chart or maybe a pattern that uses it? I’ll be looking at the lace books at a few of my LYSs on Tuesday, but I figured someone out there might be able to help!


Don’t know, but that sure is pretty. Did you try to contact the knitter thru ravelry?

Also, try your librrary for the lace books. I’d look for Nicky Epstein’s books - knitting on the Edge, Over the Edge and I think she’s got a 3rd one w/ edge ideas, too.

I think I’ve found the very outside edge pattern… I’ll probably never figure out the transition in the picture above, but I think I can make it work… I might wait til my second hemlock to try it though.

Nope - that’s not it, but I think it is in that collection somewhere. A phot is on the Heirloom knitting site under “edgings”

I believe that this:

is what you are looking for, which appears to be an oakleaf lace worked in conjunction with a single row of english.

Ohhhh thank you SOO SOO much!!! It was starting to drive me crazy so I put my knitting down and decided to place it on hold until I had more time to research :o)

Of course the book is hard to find… but now I know what I want!