Peaches n cream yarn

anyone have any knitting patterns with this yarn other than dishcloths thanks:knitting:

There are some on the company’s web site, .

Also check out the Lily Yarn web site they make the Sugar ‘n’ Cream yarn which seems to be practically the same type of yarn, so I’m sure patterns for worsted weight from either site would work fine.

You could make a string bag or saturday market bag. I made this pattern and it would work with peaches n cream.

I think the Saturday Market bag from could be made also.

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I used it for a tank top for myself .

I used it for a summer top too, and have plans to make another. For a top, use larger needles, size 10 or 10.5 so it won’t be quite so heavy.

do you have a pattern you made your tank top with, using this yarn thank you so much:knitting:

I made a top from a pattern in Knitter’s magazine. It’s somewhat similar to the Chevron rib tank that’s free on There’s a couple tank patterns made with this type of yarn on in the Completed Projects forum. Search for cotton +tank.

thank you shandeh for doing that for me maggie

You’re welcome! :hug:

I made Amigurumi cats and ears and working on other animals. They are very cute and easy to make.

Knit On!


The Mason Dixon Book has a great baby wrap sweater in it. I haven’t made it yet, but it is on my someday soon list!