Patterns you made

This is a pattern i made of a hat.

very cute. can we see in on? pleeeeaaase?


I am a kid and I love to knit. Here is a picture of me and my hat. I started the forum about the knitting club and I am starting one in my school.

Excellent job! Very very cute!

That’s great! :cheering: I wish my 13 year old daughter would let me teach her to knit. She isn’t interested. :frowning:

Good for you! It’s very cute…and so are you! How old are you?

Well you rock, and so does your hat! :cheering:

Love it! You’re too cute!
I hope your knitting club takes off, hooray! :hug:

You are so cute…Your hat is fabulous.

I am 26 and I just taught myself to knit after trying since I was your age…

And all I can make are dishcloths and scarves… I am jealous you know how to make hats. :slight_smile:

Love your hat. It is really cute, as are you! You should be very proud of yourself. I am 34 and just started knitting about 3 years ago. I sure wish I would have started at your age!! Keep it up!!

Thank you I am in grade 6. xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx

I made up this hat. Here is the pattern.

                              The crazy hat!

Cast on 30 stitches or as many that it will fit on your head. Knit every row until it is 15 inches (38 centimeters). Bind off. Sew the sides together. Turn it inside out so the seam is on the inside. Put the tassels on the 2 top corners. Braid some yarn and tie it to the bottom of the hat. Do the same to the other side. You can also tie the straps together and use it as a purse.

That is a really nice job! I think it would be great if you shared the pattern. My daughter might want to start knitting if she saw it.