Patterns using "I Love This Yarn"

I bought Hobby Lobby’s “I love this yarn” Autumn Stripe while on a recent visit to the US, but I didn’t manage to get any patterns other than the free pattern on the ball band.

Any patterns or links to patterns would be appreciated.:knitting:



I don’t know what weight your yarn is, but any pattern using that weight yarn would probably be fine.

Here’s some pattern links-

If you join Ravelry you can also find a lot of patterns there both free and paid.

If it’s the regular worsted and not sport, then any pattern that uses a worsted weight would do. It’s similar to Red Heart Supersaver, Lion woolease or Bernat satin, or any worsted weight in wool or cotton.

It is the acrylic yarn, using US no 8 or 5 mm needles. :slight_smile:

Then any pattern that uses worsted weight on sizes 7 to 9 needles will work fine.

Thank you. I am assuming that “worsted” = chunky in the UK?

No worsted is closer to aran in the UK. Some thin worsteds are closer to dk/8 ply.

Some worsted weight yarns are closer to Aran here in the US as well…

Yes worsted could be used for either aran weight or dk weight in patterns. But chunky is the same as bulky which would be thicker than either aran or worsted.

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