Patterns that use that mercerized cotton thread stuff?

I bought a huge lot of crafty stuff and in it is a ton of spools of mercerized cotton thread (I think that’s what it’s called). For instance, cro-sheen.

I noticed some lace patterns on knittingpatterncentral that use this thread and I was wondering if anyone knows of good web sites that have a large variety of patterns just for that type of thread stuff?

It’s just sitting around (some of it is really nice looking) and I’d love to find some projects to use it with (when I’m done with all of my current ones, LOL).

A lot of it says “crochet thread” - does that mean I won’t be able to find many knitting patterns that use it, it’s mainly used for crochet?

TIA. :slight_smile:

You can knit with the thread to make lace and doilies. Do a Google for knitted lace or knitted doilies and see what comes up.

In the Knitting for Barbie book, they use this or yarn of that weight a bit.

Know any little girls who love their dolls?

Plus you can make lovely, lacy tanks, gloves, socks… I don’t know of any patterns specifically for this, but if you find one that you like, just adjust for gauge…

:figureditout: or double or even triple strand!!