Patterns in variegated yarn

I just finished my first scarf, knit in Paton’s Decor variegated yarn. When I held it up to admire it I noticed one end (where I had started a second ball) was striped, and the rest was pooled. I had tried to start the second ball at the same color in the pattern as I ended with, and I was hoping the design would pool all the way through. I may frog the striped end, but that’s another story (and possibly another help thread!).

How do I anticipate the design and make sure it’s the same after I start a new ball? I’m on the next scarf now, in a Plymouth Boku variegated (looks like longer colorways than the Paton’s), and I want to be sure this doesn’t happen again. Please help…Thanks!

I guess you would have to start the second ball in the same color as what you ended the first ball with…to continue the same pattern.
I’ve done that before. Works great


It depends on the yarn, some yarn have a predictable repeat but others are random. The best way is to knit with two skeins at once, alternating skeins every couple rows. You will still get pooling but hopefully it will either be uniform or so random as to not matter.

I think yarn like “Magic Stripes” is more predictable and you can control the pattern by what color you start with but there are alot of varigated yarns that are totally random.