Patterns I'm working on

So I’m working on a couple patterns right now.

One for a matching Hermione Cable and Bobble scarf to go with the mittens and hat. I have the pattern done but not the actual scarf because I think it should be as long as you want it to be. :knitting:

The second pattern I’m working on is a Santa Hat made with regular worsted weight yarn. So Instead of having like fun fur for the brim I’m using the loop stitch to make it fluffy. Also to make it thicker at the brim I’m going to be using the provisional cast on method and when I change to red I’ll take of the cast on and k2tog from the cast on edge and the working portion to make the brim thick. (Does that make sense?) :eyebrow2:

So I’ll probably post the Hermione Cable and Bobble Scarf tomorrow or Wednesday. As for the Santa Hat (which I’ll probably call A Loopy Santa Hat) that’ll take a while since I’m still working on it at the moment.

Yeah so I have a lot on my plate as far as patterns and knitting go.


Happy yarn crafting!


Oh boy! Can’t wait to see them!