Patterns for husband?

Hey everybody…my Hubby has been asking me when he’s going to get a hat and some nice wooly socks since I’ve made stuff for “EVERYONE” but him (he likes to complain!)
Anyway, I have been looking for an easy man-hat and a sock pattern for a big guy…he has a rather large head and pretty big feet too. If anyone knows of any, that would be great!

Also, I’m looking for a ski mask pattern for my little brother…he thinks it’s funny to wear one while he drives but he can’t find them in Atlanta!

Thank you all and I hope that you are all having a great December!

The first place I check for patterns is

I think knittingpatterncentral is having problems. They’re a wonderful site, so maybe check back.

this site appears to be down; can’t get it to come up on firefox or IE. Of course the most referenced page to try and find a beginner pattern to learn knitting isn’t working when I want to learn, lol :slight_smile:

Have you seen that sock book, the one that looks like a sock? I taught myself to make socks with that (including Amy’s videos) and they have wonderful patterns, I think. I’m on my 3rd pair, 2nd for my DH. And they are BIG. The first one anyhow, I made the mistake of making the large size for him and I have to felt it down a bit. Very thorough instructions and lots of different patterns. I’m going to make them all.

I just made this one for my husband. And he has several that are regular watch caps as seen here as an example

Thank you all so much! Now if I can only get him into my LYS, I’ll be able to make them!

Victoise- where did you pick up that sock book? My LYS doesn’t seem to have that many books, and the ones they do have are either older, or so super complicated…I’ve found a great resource in my library, but nothing quite what I’m looking for.

Oh actually ( :shifty: looking around to see if Feminist Mama is watching)
I got it at Barnes & Noble! I think. Yeah. But amazon has it for less.
They are in a lot of places, like some of the online yarn shops and it’s pretty cheap now. I bought one this summer for a friend a lys and it was full price $14.95 I think but I’ve seen it for less. A really nice little book.

Yeah, $10.17 on amazon:

But then theres shipping. I sometimes order from B & N two books at a time so I can get free shipping.