Patterns for a good cause!

The store I work for is adopting a family for Christmas and I’m helping out by knitting items we can sell to raise money for their Christmas presents. I need some quick and easy patterns that will appeal to the younger age groups (18-25). If y’all could point me in the right directions, that would be fantastic! Thanks a ton!

[color=indigo]Patterns for what? :?? [/color]

anything quick and easy… I’m thinking hats, fun scarves, maybe some little accessories…

I think that wristwarmers and techno-cozies would be great. Maybe some hats with earflaps, too. Large-guage colorblock scarves are in a lot of the window displays at the mall, too.

That’s a great idea! any ideas on where to find patterns?

I would try here. They have tons of patterns, but it takes some filtering because it’s just a bunch of links to different sites. There aren’t any pictures on the page with the links.

Something to note when looking through the websites: many patterns will have a disclaimer stating that you can use their patterns for personal use, but you can’t sell the items you create using their patterns. Here is an example - the copyright notice at the bottom states that no profit may be made from the pattern’s use. Just be careful.