Patterns for a baby girl in Cairo welcomed

My daughter is pregnant, and she and her husband are being sent within the next month to Cairo, Egypt, by the Navy. He, an architect, will be building a hospital annex there.

I always had looked forward to knitting baby things, but I’m stymied by the heat of Cairo. Does anyone have any suggestions for ways to get around this? A special cotton projects, perhaps:woohoo: :woohoo: ? The baby will arrive at the end of September, and it will be a little girl - my first and only grandchild. (Yes, I’m totally excited!) Thanks so much!

Welcome to Knitting Help!

It looks like the weather in the winter can be in the 60’s for a high and lower at night can be down to the upper 40’s. Plenty chilly enough for sweaters. Indoor a/c can also be a time when a sweater is necessary. So I’d say some little sweaters, hats, booties in a cotton or cotton blend that’ll fit in winter would be perfect!

Are you a beginner or more advanced? What type of patterns are thinking about?

Congratulations on your grandchild!

How about some knitted baby washcloths?