Patterns and unknown yarns

I am a grandmother of one, and expecting twins in January. I love to knit but am not an expert. I do simple things as blankets, booties. I would love to make baby clothes. I have lots of wool to which I have no name. How does one find a pattern and knits with unknown yarn. Any help will be appreciated.

Also if you have suggestions for easy patterns for babies I am eager to try them.

Arrgg…I’ve typed this 3 times and lost it. :doh:

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Do a gauge swatch to figure out appx what weight the yarn is. About 25 stitches and 3 inches then measure the gauge. You’ll have to guess on needle size. Go down if it’s too loose, up if it’s too stiff.

Here’s a good site to look at patterns.

Here’s a few to start look at. These are all pretty easy and you can always ask questions here.

I don’t have anything to add to Jan’s comments about the yarn, but congratulations on your twins! :slight_smile:

Thank you girls for your input. Now I have a question, when making a gauge I am told that ex: 5 stitches is equal to 1 inch. If my gauge gives me 1 inch width but not lengthwise what should I do.

I hope this is not a stupid question.

Gauge is usually about 2 measurements - width and length/height. Width - sts/inch, height - rows/inch. There’s usually a difference, since the knit stitch is not square, like it’s often being represented on charts. Some patterns state only the sts/inch required gauge. You should check if they mention how long should the garment be, you can measure that as you knit.