Patterned MANLY Scarf Patterns

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As the subject title suggests… Any links to patterned scarfs, that dont look too girlie, or too plain?


I really like Henryfrom I’ve been thinking about knitting it for my hubby.

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Marria -Thanks for your swift response! That one looks really complicated to do (at a first glance). I almost thought that it is too difficult for me to do. But the stitches look okish (a bit of a push for me personally, but achieveable!)

Keep the links coming!!

I think the most challenging thing would be setting up the cast on because there are so many stitches. But the pattern itself seems fairly straightforward. You wouldn’t think so from looking at the picture, though. :slight_smile:

I am going to try this one next. It looks fairly easy, even for me. Marria, thanks for that link. It’s a beautiful scarf and I may try that some time. I’m a little intimidated by the smaller needles. I haven’t yet used anything below a US5.

I’ve always liked this one, but have yet to make it:


I think simplicity is good for a man… like some type of ribbing or stripes which can be all the way through or just on the ends.

And thought it might not have the same effect, you could start the pattern at the narrow edge and work it that way too.

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These are pretty good patterns for scarfs, keep them coming.

[COLOR="#300090"]Being a man who knits and crochets, I should qualify as an expert on this subject. :slight_smile:

Well, I’ll tell you anyway! :stuck_out_tongue:

The patterns already listed are good. Here are a few that I have bookmarked. (Some are Crochet, most are Knit)

I like [B][U]Knit Picks Columns Scarf[/U][/B], a free download pdf file. ( )

or [U][B]Shifting Sands [/B][/U] by Grumperina ( )

:thumbsup: [COLOR=“DarkSlateBlue”]or [B]Crochet[/B] Guy’s cap and scarf set follow wearables at [B][U]Priscilla’s Crochet[/U][/B] ( )[/COLOR]

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]or [B][U]Red Herring Scarf[/U][/B] by Cogknition ( )
:thumbsup: [B]Note:[/B] This [B]herringbone[/B] pattern worked across the [B]width[/B] of the scarf in contrast to Henry’s length-wise herringbone pattern.[/FONT]

or This [B][U]Irish Hiking Scarf[/U][/B] at Hello Yarn ( ) Though please choose a better color than baby blue (Unless he is a Carolina fan)

Edits should be expected; I couldn’t have gotten all those links right the first time. :roll:


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OffJumpsJack -These are great, thankyou!

Keep the links coming. I am slowly deciding which would suit the person I am making the scarf for -currently I am down to two patterns, but they arent quite right. I’m planning for this scarf to be a gift.


I edited my previous list to point out that the Red Herring herringbone pattern is worked across the width (and not the length as the Henry is).

Color choice makes a big difference. I look for tweeds, speckled, and monochromatic in colors I’d be likely to see in a suits or over coats.[/Color]