Has anyone got a pattern for a beanie hat to be knitted on size 5mm straight needles please?

Hello, do you want to knit something real easy or something more “intricate”? :smiley: I knit all my beanies with either a 5mm or 6 (or 7), so, I have a few patterns or pattern links I can share… :+1:

Hi. Thank you for replying. I am an experienced knitter so am able to try anything you can kindly help with. :blush:


Thank you for replying. I am an experienced knitter so easy or intricate :blush:.

It probably sounds a strange request but the reason is my young granddaughter bought me a pair of bright purple 5mm needles as a surprise as she knows purple is my favourite colour. THEN she decided it would be a great idea if ‘we’ knitted a beanie or slouch hat as a surprise for mummy. Searched all my patterns but no luck.

I really appreciate your help, thank you.



Hi Jill,
Oh that is so sweet of her! :heart_eyes: and a great idea to do a beanie “together”. I had to search a bit in my saved links since it’s been a while that I used my straight needles for beanies, but anyways, found these 3 that I really liked to do. One is super easy and the other two a bit more fun to do. The super easy one does have a bow, which I just replaced with a pompom…just personal preference.

Hope it helps, and enjoy the “knitting together” with the little one! :smiley:

Burgundy Breeze Cable Hat

Super simple bow hat

Cobblestone Hat


Thank you Mariette. I know it is easier to knit on circular needles but I HAVE to use the new purple straight ones. Also, one step at a time teaching her to knit.

Thank you once again for your time.


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Welcome to the forum!
This project sounds like such fun. Have you tried a search on Ravelry?
Here are some of my favorites for teaching:

Hi, thank you :blush:

It’s a pleasure :smiley: