Pattern Writing

I’ve got a bootee pattern I love, and would like to adapt a bib and a bonnet pattern to mimic it.

I am starting from scratch. So any advice on writing patterns would be appreciated.

Thanks, Candace

Exactly what kind of help do you need??
Here’s some basic general advice - - - I too have attempted the brainbusting exercise of trying to write up a pattern, this is what I learned the hard way…
If you’re just freestyling and making it up as you go along, keep a notebook next to you to keep track of increases, decreases, and row/stitch counts.
It might also help to make a graph or a chart to get a visual idea of what you’re doing.
Have people test it (or test it yourself) to make sure it’s accurate.
Find patterns that were easy for you to follow, and try writing the pattern in a similar style.
:waving: I hope that helps a little…