Pattern writing - what do you find useful in them...

I have written a few patterns (simple ones that need rewriting) and I’m wondering what you all find the most useful and/or the most frustrating when reading or knitting a pattern. I’ll start -

I want these in patterns for sure!

  1. Stitch counts at the end of the row especially when increasing or decreasing.
  2. Putting knitting terms in the notes/info. This is especially important for terms that vary culturally.



A chart if it’s something worth charting. I don’t do patterns often but what I’m doing now, I skimmed the written part of the pattern, read back in the book to get the wording, then I just go by the chart.

Lately when I’m making something up I only do a chart.

It will be interesting to see if I can read my own pattern translated from chicken scratch on scrap paper for my dog sweaters.


Jan, I’m all for stitch counts and lists of abbreviations or explanations of unusual stitches and Mike, yes to charts. So helpful…

I seriously dislike patterns without schematics. I like the confirmation of the measurements and diagram of any unusual construction.

I also like lists of materials that include yards or meters of yarn required for various sizes.

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I agree with everyones’ suggestions and will add my want of at least one nice, clear picture of the completed item. I can’t stand patterns without a decent picture.

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Amen to that! I recently knit a sweater from Interweave Knits. The sweater was in dark yarn on a black background and photographed in low light. I had to wait for the Ravelry page before ordering yarn, just to decipher the pattern stitch.

Wow, they didn’t think that through when the took the pictures did they?! I agree a decent picture is important. It needs to be in a color that let’s you see the design as well. If it’s possible another photo ON a person if it’s a garment. I’ve skipped patterns that had something I considered unflattering like bunched up yarn in the armpit. :roll_eyes: