Pattern Understanding Help

I have a discounted pattern for a dog sweater so there is no ability to message the original maker.

I’m struggling to understand or visualize what the pattern wants me to do.

Note: I have looked up the houndstooth crochet method and this is clearly not the same.

Pattern; Houndstooth Sweater

Problem; Row 3

Row 1

starting at tail, with H hook and cardinal, ch 50, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in each ch across, turn (49 sc)

row 2

ch 1, 2sc in first st, sc in each st across to last st, 2 sc in last st changing to black in last st made, turn

row 3

ch 1, sc in first st, skip first ch of starting ch on row 1, (yo, insert hook into next ch, yo, pull up long loop through ch, complete as dc), sc in next st on row 2 *skip next ch of starting ch on row 1 : repeat between (), sc in next st on row 2 : repeat from * across, turn

Attached picture of sweater and first page

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OK, it’s actually quite simple - it just looks and sounds complicated! What you have to do for Row 3 is initially to work into the sc on Row 2, then you go back to your original chain (2 rows below row 3) and, skipping the first chain, work into the second one - this already has a stitch worked in it on row 2, but it is quite simple to work another stitch into the chain. You will pull up a long loop through this chain and then dc into the chain - you’ll be left with a loop. You then go back to row 2 and, in the next stitch, sc. You then go back down to row 1, missing the chain next to the one you have just worked into and repeat. You are creating the long lines that you see in the picture. - So you will frequently be working into 2 rows at the same time. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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This pattern stitch is the long double crochet (LDC) stitch. HERE is a video that uses it.

It starts at about 4:24 in the video for the long DC (LDC) stitch. It is worked one row below the previous row. The LDC stitch is used in the pattern you have introduced in Row 3

[Edited to add] this vid only shows a ldc and does not follow ghee test of the pattern.