Pattern troubles...

So, I have a pattern for a blanket on the back of the packaging for my yarn.

It says to cast on 123 stitches, then garter a few rows before starting the design rows.

The first row after the garter calls for k10, *p2 (k1, yo, k1, p2) k5 repeat from * three times more, ending last repeat k10 instead of k5.

I’m fairly new to knitting, but by my calculations, row 1 calls for me to have started with 143 stitches, not 123…

And after completing row 1, with the yarn overs, I should have 163 stitches to work with for row 2… But row 2 also calls for the use of 143 stitches… Row 3 also calls for 143 stitches, but has some slips to make a decrease… Row 4 again calls for 143.

My question is, how do I start with 123 stitches and still pull off row 1… And likewise, how do I go from the row 1 increase to row 2, which has less than 163 stitches.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Hi, I agree the math doesn’t seem to add up!! Also, the yo’s are adding stitches with no decreases to cancel them(unless this happens in following rows!!) Maybe one of the p2 should be p2tog, making the repeat section 10 sts instead of 11 and the cast on figure 125 instead of 123 !! Without seeing the pattern or knowing what the following rows ask you to do it’s difficult to make any suggestions, sorry.

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There’s something missing. Is row 1:
k10, *p2 (k1, yo, k1, p2) x5, k5 repeat from * three times more, ending last repeat k10 instead of k5

That would take 123sts and leave you with 143sts. Remember that a yo doesn’t use a stitch. Bring the yarn to the front between the needles, then to the back over the right needle. That’s it.

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Yes, I agree, this makes much more sense :grinning:

Haha. Yes. It is x5. Okay, so I counted yo k1 as a single stitch, thinking yo DID take a stitch. Thank you so much for your help!