Pattern Testers?

I’ve been trying my hand at writing patterns, and I’m wondering if someone could take a look at them (or better yet, test them!) before I decide if they’re worth trying to publish. So far I have the patterns written for two scarves and two blankets ready to try. Anyone willing to give them a go? Thank you!

I’ll give them a try!! You need someone to read through them and actually knit the item, right?? I can use whatever yarn I want to??

Here’s my email


Awesome, thank you!! I’d love to see if they work so if you want to try making a swatch or a full piece that’d be great but if you don’t want to then I’d appreciate if you could read through it and let me know if they’re understandable, look nice, etc. You can definitely use whatever yarn you want to, I included the weights and gauges I used but they’re all flexible :slight_smile: I’ll send them to you now!

I’d love to be a tester also if you need another tester.My e-mail is Thanks so much.

Yes, I would love another tester! I can send those right over to you. Thanks for helping me out!

If you still want more testers - what are the patterns for? I’d like to check with Audrey II (doesn’t your stash have a name? lol) to see if I think I have suitable yarn and to know how big the project(s) would be.

I’d love more testers! I have two scarf patterns and a baby blanket. (My stash does have a name, I called it The Horde. It’s a little…oversized :rofl:). The patterns can definitely be adjusted to any yarn you have/like to use, they’re fairly flexible. For the scarfs I used about 250yds of sport weight each and the baby blanket was about 1400yds of worsted weight if that helps.