Pattern terminology

Hi, I am currently knitting a pair of chunky mitts (each mitten is knit in one piece on two needles); I have my marker placed where it’s supposed to be but my pattern now says “k one row, increasing on either side of stitch marker”. Can someone please tell me what this means? I know how to increase; it’s the “either side of marker” that has me confused :confounded:
Thanks in advance.

Welcome to KH!
You want to increase right before the marker and right after. There are some increases that work better than others here. You could do a knit front and back on the stitch before and the stitch after the marker. I like the knit loop (KLL) and knit right loop (KRL) also.

Thank you for your reply, so just to clarify; I increase one stitch on the inside edge of the thumb then on the other side of the marker? (Which would be the palm of the mitten).

If that’s where the marker should be placed, then yes, one stitch increased on each side. I’m not sure where you are in the pattern but this may be part of the thumb gusset.

Ahhhhh got it!! Thank you so much…:grinning: