Pattern Stash Organization

I was just wondering how everybody deals with their patterns?

I just print mine off, three hole punch them, and throw them in a binder.

Even if I’m knitting from a book I make a copy so I dont have to carry my book around.

Now that Ive started, Im not sure if I should admit to it or not, machine knit I’ve had to start a new binder for those patterns as well. I had really hoped to learn to spin, but that fell through big time. So machine knitting is keeping my mind off the impending birth.

Also if someone emails me a pattern I put it in the appropriate folder. And print out several saved patterns at a time.

Is this how everyone else does it?

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I print them, put them in a pile and promise myself that I’m going to organize them. When I can’t find it, I print it again. :oops:

LOL I’ve got a folder on my computer, plus I have a regular folder with clear sleeves that I slide them into. :wink:

Oh my, you weren’t around for my organization party!! LOL, my husband surprised me with a laser jet printer, I then printed every pattern, tutorial & tip that I had not already printed & spent at least a week putting everything together in page protectors, then 3 ring binders…I still need a couple more 3 ring binders for what I’ve printed since!! Currently I have a small one for my sock publication correspondence &…well, EVERYTHING related to it! I have one strictly for socks (this is a 4" binder!) I then have another for various patterns, another for tips, tutorials, and still am in need of more :wink:

Have a binder with divided sections in the back I keep a section of pictures of the completed project, the skein wrapper, and notes… Then I have a printed up to do list I check off in the back too… Everything is in the sheet protectors running out of room in it so need a bigger binder or divide that one up into patterns and FO :smiley:

These are great ideas. I’m feeling a little intimidated at the organizational skills, however. Right now all my patterns are stuffed down into the side of a giant basket where I keep all my yarn (I’m a beginner, I don’t have a huge stash yet). :??

But I have something to strive for! :thumbsup:

good topic!
I’m doing the same, binder and page protectors.

I mostly have books… :smiley: But the ones I decide to print out from the net, I use a binder, like others, however I’m not ambitious enough (since I only have 4 printed) to sort them yet… :slight_smile:

i have my patterns printed up and then i put them in clear page protectors and put them in my pretty binder. if there is one thing that i have organized it is my pattern and recipes! :thumbsup:

I learned from quilting - binders and page protectors are the way to go. I have one of those mondo 4 inch binders, heavy duty, with subdivider tabs. About once a month I go through and organize any new patterns.

I also keep a smaller binder of the stuff I want to do RIGHT NOW or that I have immediate yardage to use up.

Are we anal retentive or what?

WOW! Im so glad I asked. I never even thought of page protectors, duh!

I also put all my recipes in a binder, I dont always sort them right away, but they do go in a binder.

Rebecca got me organized tonight - she gave me so many helpful hints and links for my binder. She could probably charge admission just to view her binders - let alone her knitting. She is the master! :notworthy:


with manilla folders in a hanging folder basket on wheels ducked under my desk, I can pull it out & I have the patterns sorted by source : Magazine articles, freebies from the yarn department, magazines, etc.

When that’s full, I"ve got a filing cabinet drawer in my storage unit I"m going to move some of them in there.

When I want to do a design that is in a magazine I photocopy the page and work off of that.

Katiyana, I do the same thing with magazine pictures —learned that trick from my quilting days.

sigh…you mean I have to organize THOSE too???

I just have them all over the house, if I can’t find it, I print it again…

read flylady thread…time to get on the wagon again…

For years I had them in a big pile. then I put them in folders (but they kept falling out) so now I have a thre ring binder and those plastic sheets that you can slide the paper in without having to punch your pattern. Now they’re nice and neat andnot spilled on or faded. :thumbsup:

Yep… I’m like most of you… binder, page protectors and dividers. DH said I was “anal” about my patterns. :shock:
Whatever. LOL

:inlove: Wow Sil, your binder is an inspiration! Love the categories, that’s always the hardest part in organizing.

Loose patterns often get lost in this house. :blush: But I usually design things myself, or modify a design in one of my favorite knitting books, so that’s where I manage to stay organized. I have a fairly organized notebook of my own designs. It could be more organized, though, I like the page-protector notebook idea.

My whole career is currently focused on organizing paper. It’s what I spend my whole day doing. So you’d think I’d have some elaborate system for organizing my books and printed patterns - something involving metadata and possibly some numbering system like Dewy Decimal.

You’d be wrong. I’m lucky to have them in page protectors. Some are, but some are in a pile on the floor (“you know, on the floor where we keep things” as I say to my husband) in various rooms. I’m shooting for some binders, and when I can get a few minutes on the good computer, I really oughta come up with some pretty index pages or something. sighs but that would take away from knitting time.

I use the clear page protectors and then one of those… expandy thingies. It’s like the vinyl folder with the slots and it’s expandy/accordion like with the band to hold it closed? any help here? heehee. i got a super cute polka-dotted one at target for like $3. Anyway, the accordion part has tabs at the top so I have a crochet section and a knit section, and then by clothing, accessories, etc., and the back is for tutorials and such. It’s worked well for me so far and it fits in the knitting bag easily.