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Hi, please can anyone help re discontinued patterns. I have searched and found the pattern I want only to find it has been discontinued. Has anyone out there got a copy of a Ladies Boat Neck Sweater in Feather and Fan pattern? The one I found but discontinued is Patons 8101 if anyone has a copy or a similar one I would be very hear from you. Best Wishes for 2023 Jean X

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There’s a copy available from ebay in the UK. I don’t know your location but maybe that’s a possibility.

There are also some similar patterns on Ravelry (free to join):

They could be modified to the neckline or sleeves that you prefer.

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Hi, I saw the Ebay one but I live in Spain and the postage is nearly 10 pounds plus price of the pattern so too expensive. The actual Feather and Fan stitch is one I use a lot for the Charity I knit for it is the slash-boat neckline I am not so sure about. Thanks anyway. Regards Jean X

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Could you perhaps adapt a basic boat neck pattern to add the feather and fan if you are already comfortable with that stitch?

There are boat neck patterns in different yarn weights available to buy online for download, or free patterns.

This second pattern salmonmac linked the image preview didn’t show for me. Did you see it? it looks a good likeness to what you wanted. And a free download so no postal charges too.